Anti-Obama Author Still Questioning Obama's Citizenship

Anti-Obama Author Still Questioning Obama's Citizenship

Jerome Corsi, author of the anti-Obama book "The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality," remains (shockingly) unconvinced by the president's first month in office.

Speaking in the halls of the Conservative Political Action Conference here in Washington D.C., the libertarian author, who caused a brief campaign stir with the publication of his book, said that multiple questions and concerns remain, on everything from Obama's politics to his citizenship.

Asked by the Huffington Post whether recent comments by Sen. Richard Shelby - in which he seemingly questions Obama's nationality - were fair game or whether the country needed to move beyond the issue, Corsi sided with the Alabama Republican.

"It is not going off the table because people care about the Constitution. And it is in the Constitution that a president needs to be nationally born," he replied. "It is not settled. Barack Obama has not released his natural birth certificate. I don't know what is on that document. I'm not a mind reader. But I know that politicians of note do not hide documents unless there is something embarrassing that they don't want seen. And a birth certificate should be a mundane certificate. Obama could make this issue go away."

On the substance, meanwhile, Corsi, who said he reads the Huffington Post, remained committed to the notion that Obama's politics were vintage "France," though he acquiesced a bit, saying the president was at least to "the center of Karl Marx."

"It is very much like I wrote in the book," said Corsi. "We are getting politics and the cult of personality. We are getting a very leftist agenda in terms of the reinstitution of the social welfare state much on the lines of France....I guess he is to the center of Karl Marx, but I don't think this is particularly to the center of where American political life is. America is still a center-right country, I know Barack Obama would like to change that but he is going to have a hard time. He is betting his presidency on what will amount to trillions of dollars in deficit spending. And it has never been proven to work in the past and if he makes it work he will be the first."

To say that Corsi's viewpoints were of the minority of CPAC attendees would be to lie. Attendees at the conference have expressed deep skepticism with Obama's politics and personality. Though criticism of the GOP has been ample as well. One attendee I spoke with said that he came to CPAC this year solely to see the party's one true leader speak. That speaker was Rush Limbaugh, who will deliver the conference's closing address on Saturday.

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