Anti-Rape Underwear With GPS Invented By Indian Students, Emits Up To 82 Shocks

Indian Students Invent 'Anti-Rape Underwear' With GPS

The next time a man in India tries groping a woman, he may very likely be in for a shock -- and not figuratively.

Three budding engineers have invented Society Harnessing Equipment, lingerie that emits up to 82 shocks on an attacker when he gropes the victim's breast, the India Times reports. The technology then alerts authorities and relatives through a GPS system.

The merciless rape of a young Indian woman in December rattled the nation into protesting and raising awareness and also inspired a group of students to find a way to finally put a stop to the brutal treatment of women in their country, The India Times reports.

“Since the lawmakers take ages to come up with just laws and even after that, women are unsafe,” the inventors wrote on their project’s website about the inspiration behind the project. “Hence, we have initiated the idea of self‐defense which protects the women from domestic, social and workplace harassment.”

The three SRM University students, two women and one male, conducted a number of surveys and found that attackers often first grab a women’s breast. Keeping this in mind, the inventors found a way to secure an electric-shock circuit board in the chest region, according to the project’s website.

"A person trying to molest a girl will get the shock of his life the moment pressure sensors get activated," Manisha Mohan, one of the inventors, told the Daily Express.

Once the sensors are activated, GPS and GSM modules would send an alert out to an emergency number and the woman’s parents, the India Times reports.

The group invented the lingerie using only technology that's used in day-to-day life to combat the ever-present threat of violence in India.

“Studying in a convent girls school, we were always taught to be good to everyone around and bear a cheerful smile,” the students wrote. “After stepping into the real, cruel world we realized that our smile could not last for long as the threat to our purity and integrity always lingered on.”

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