Here's A Genius Way To Respond To Anti-Semitism

All it requires is some paint and a brush.

Combat anti-Semitic graffiti by getting creative.

Since Donald Trump’s presidential election victory, there’s been a reported rise in bigoted and racist crimes across the United States.

But here’s one way to react if you spot a swastika daubed on a nearby building.

Just strategically add a few lines and boxes and the threatening Nazi motif suddenly becomes Microsoft’s iconic Windows 95 logo:

Kansas-based Redditor that_tim_guy first shared the above photograph online in 2013.

Fed up with seeing the symbol scrawled close to a road in his small town that he regularly used, he said he and a friend vowed to do something about it.

“We decided on the Windows 95 logo and got the only spray paint on hand and drove out to the swastika in the middle of the night,” he told The Huffington Post. “In the photo you can actually see another little swastika to the left and we did intend to take care of that one too, but unfortunately we ran out of spray paint.”

The image began circulating again over the weekend in the wake of the increase in hate crimes against minority groups. 

While vandalism is illegal in most places and people obviously shouldn’t even have to think of ways of camouflaging prejudiced graffiti in the first place, it does show how it’s possible for love to trump hate ― even on a seemingly microcosmic scale.

This story has been updated with comment from Reddit user, that_tim_guy.