Products To Help With Sleeping Next To A Partner Who Snores

If you're sleeping beside a snorer, these ear plugs and other items could help you get a good night's rest.
A sleep headband helps keep snoring noises out and allows you to play soothing sounds instead.
A sleep headband helps keep snoring noises out and allows you to play soothing sounds instead.

Getting a good night’s rest is a necessary, but not always easy task. Many factors can contribute to why your sleep quality may be suffering, including scrolling through your phone right before bed, drinking caffeine too late and, for some people, having to sleep next to a very loud snorer.

Though annoying for those who have to hear it, snoring is incredibly common and affects 57% of men and 40% of women in the United States. It’s also important to note that excessive snoring could be caused by underlying health issues such as sleep apnea, and to consult with a doctor if problems persist.

When it comes to sleeping beside a snorer, it can seem impossible to actually get more than a few winks a night while dealing with the disruptive sound of a small bear in your ear. But if you can relate to this frustrating predicament, fear not: We asked other HuffPost readers to tell us their must-have items when it comes to sleeping next to their snoring partner.

While a couple of people said that the answer is to literally build another room to sleep in, there were several practical suggestions, like reusable earplugs, white noise machines and a sleeping headband mask. Check them out below.

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Mighty Plugs
"Hubs has severe sleep apnea and now uses a CPAP for sleeping. Prior to that I used to use 'Mighty Plugs.' Those earplugs were the best and most comfortable I’ve ever used! I couldn’t hear a thing and had to rely on my Apple Watch to wake me up in the morning!" — Rebecca Storey

Mighty Plugs are reusable, moldable earplugs that conform to the shape of your ear canal and can be worn up to 50 times. They're made of natural beeswax.
Loop Quiet earplugs
"I was using ear plugs for the longest time but hated having to constantly buy them and thinking about my pile of ear plugs in a landfill. Loops are silicone and reusable. Super comfortable to sleep in." — Gia Comperchio Matos

These reusable and washable earplugs can reduce up to 27 decibels of noise and come with ear tips in 4 sizes, extra small, small, medium and large, so you can find your perfect fit.
A sleep headband
"Sleep mask headphones with a 'deep sleep' playlist." — Kasie Nieser

This soft headband comes in nine colors including gray, purple, black, blue and green. It has a built-in wireless headset so you can play music, relaxing sounds and literally anything that will block out the noise of the person snoring next to you. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours.
Zircon anti-snoring nose vents
"These things are a godsend! My husband went from a freight train to the range of an angel to a lighter than light snore that is totally manageable." — Bonnie Carretero

An item that the snorer can wear, these reusable anti-snoring nose vents open up air passages to increase airflow. They're made of medical grade silicone for comfort and safety and each box comes with four sizes.
A couple HuffPost readers recommended using a fan on the highest speed setting or white noise machine like the LectroFanEvo. It provides 10 fan sounds 10 white, pink and brown noise variations and two ocean sounds.

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