Anti-Theft Lunch Bags: Lunch's Last Line Of Defense

We've all been there: spend your morning making the perfect sandwich, walk over to the office fridge with a growling stomach around lunchtime, only to discover it's gone. Now there's a way to fight back against hungry co-workers. Introducing Anti-Theft Lunch Bags.

Designers at “the.” have created Anti-Theft Lunch Bags -- a fun spin to make your lunch look less like a delicious concoction and more like a molded, inedible piece of food headed for the garbage bin. For $8, you receive 25 plastic sandwich bags with strategically placed green splotches on the surface, to make the contents inside look like something no one would want to steal, let alone eat.

The two people behind the. are a male and female duo named Sherwood and Mihoko, respectively. Many of their products are cheeky redesigns of everyday products, like Speak-er, a speaker shaped like a comic’s dialogue bubble or the Large Pocket Shirt, a T-shirt with a seriously oversized front pocket. Availability for all their items are limited, so the two can quickly make and sell any new, weird ideas that pop into their mind.

Five percent of the lunch bag proceeds will go to Freedom From Hunger.



Anti-Theft Lunch Bag's by the.