Anti-Trump Or Pro-Trump -- Here's How You'll Get Through The Next 4 Years

Whether you are anti-Trump or pro-Trump, you will survive these next four years. If you have any doubts about that there’s plenty you can do in the meantime:

1. Be an adult. When faced with a tough situation, don’t fall back to child-like behavior, even if everyone around you is. When others do not share the same opinions as you, do not cling to your high horse and berate people. If someone pisses you off, be an adult. Maintain your dignity and respect. By treating others the way you would like to be treated, you will get further in life.

2. Be open to criticism, judgments and opinions. We grow through our mistakes, if we let ourselves. When someone criticizes or judges me, I grow. I listen to this person’s opinion, understand it and control how I internalize it to mature. When I travel, I am open to people’s views on America, business and the world. Being receptive and appreciative of other’s opinions and their life lessons allows growth. Though it is not always fun to receive constructive criticism, its best to be open to it.

3. Don’t be quick to judge. In this day and age, information is spread so quickly and through so many channels. Don’t be quick to judge, and make sure you get the background information first. Understand there are three stories, if not more, behind every situation. Research – research information in which the parties have a different point of view than you, and research the facts, figures and statistics that represent all sides of the situation so that you are educated. Put yourself in another’s shoes and really dive in to how one sees it from another perspective. Be enlightened. If you do these things, you will judge less, and learn more in the long run.

4. Don’t like something, fix it. And by fix it, I don’t mean protest. Find and capitalize on areas of growth in which you see opportunity as laws change, areas evolve, society progresses and time creates new trends. Be the trend. We have so much opportunity here in the United States. So instead of joining others on a bandwagon, or stressing in a situation, be the one to fix it. Be the one to create an opportunity. Be the one to take charge. Build a school. Build a company focused on hiring immigrants. Construct affordable housing. Work with a university eager for foreign exchange students. Be the change. Be proactive, not reactive, and fix the problem you are so adamant about being wrong. Make it right in a positive way.

5. Stop the negative. If you speak negatively towards others, you will be seen as a negative person. In the long run, and even in the short run, no one likes to be around negativity. Be the one to stop the negative energy as it will only stress you out and make you miserable. Convert the negative to positive. Find the truth in all, and progress forward, as the best revenge is always success. Find the happiness – in moments, in words, in music and in others. Find it, keep it and make it a habit. You will continue to be successful if you keep finding your happiness and your peace.

I am American, and am proud to be an American. We are a country of endless opportunity, if you are willing to work for it. We are guaranteed the pursuit of happiness; again, I stress the pursuit because we are not guaranteed happiness, but the pursuit within. So, remember that you are in control of your own happiness and life is what you make it. Go out there and live your life, and be the change you want to see in this world. We only have one life, so for me, I will make it beautiful.

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