Anti-Trump Street Art Reminds Us There Is Still Some Good In This World

Trump is already more or less a cartoon character, so this is just the next logical step.

Street artists are fighting back against Donald Trump.

Various murals, stencils and posters depicting the GOP front-runner in assorted unflattering ways -- comparing him to Adolf Hitler, Donald Duck and a piece of poop, among other things -- have appeared on walls and sidewalks across the world in recent weeks.

Below, we've rounded up some of the notable pieces of public art critiquing Trump, from the scathing to the scatological.

Egg Donald Trump (Furia ACK)
Andrew Winning / Reuters
Furia ACK sprayed this portrait of Donald Trump in London's East End in January -- only to then pelt it with raw eggs and encourage other passersby to do the same. "I honestly believe a lot of people in the same situation would gladly do the same against him and his views,” the artist told London 24.
Trump As Adolf Hitler (Pegasus)
The artist Pegasus, who is from Chicago but now lives in London, painted this depiction of Trump as Adolf Hitler on a wall in Bristol, England, in February. "The man is an idiot in position of power," the artist, whose real name is unknown, told the Bristol Post. "The man will become another tyrant in history."
Trump As Adolf Hitler... Again
Other images depicting Trump as Hitler, superimposed over a Nazi flag, were pasted beneath highway overpasses around Atlanta in December. They were quickly removed. The artist is unknown.
Love Trumps All (TABBY)
The artist TABBY has dropped several Trump-inspired stencils across Vienna in recent weeks. "Trump is everything that's right and wrong with America and the world," TABBY told The Huffington Post. "He's the American Dream of being super wealthy and saying what you want, while being totally out of touch with reality."
Don't Feed The Trolls (TABBY)
TABBY says "Don't Feed The Trolls," also in Vienna, was created because the GOP front-runner can "say anything and the more that people get angry and talk about him because of it, the more known and stronger he becomes."
Rape Trump (Indecline)
The Indecline collective, with collaborators across the world, painted this “Rape Trump” mural a mile west of the Tijuana airport on the old U.S./Mexico border wall, according to the San Diego Reader. The title is a reference to Trump's repeated characterization of Mexican immigrants as "rapists" last summer. "We want to raise awareness [about the] horrible shit he said," a member of the collective told Vice in October. "Controversy works better than something subtle."
Chairman Trump (Jacob Thomas)
Jacob Thomas is behind this "Chairman Trump" piece (combining Trump's facial features with those of former Communist Chairman Mao Zedong) that's been showing up on walls across Chicago in recent months. He's also painted The Donald as Richie Rich and as Monopoly's Rich Uncle Pennybags. His first solo show kicks off next month.
Dump Trump (Hanksy)
Van Tine Dennis/ABACA USA
New York street artist Hanksy's stated mission is to take down Trump. So he's depicted the billionaire businessman as a giant pile of poo in works seen on Manhattan's Lower East Side. He's also taking his message nationwide via his "Dump Across America" website.
Postcard For Donald Trump (Ador & Ensu)
French street artist Ador collaborated with the Canadian artist Ensu on this mural of a same-sex couple kissing in a park in Nantes, France, in mid-March. The postage stamp reads "God Bless America," while there's a "kiss for Donald" in the top left corner.
If Elected, I'll Deport Myself
This Trump-inspired graffiti reportedly appeared at Heaven Skate Park in Hartford, Connecticut, in September. The artist is unknown.
Donald Eres Un Pendejo (Ilegal Mezcal)
This Spanish-language graphic (calling Trump a "dumbass" or an "asshole," depending on which translation you use) has appeared in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and elsewhere in the past several months. It's part of a marketing campaign for the liquor brand Ilegal Mezcal, which is donating $2 to organizations for undocumented young people for each person who posts a picture of themselves to Instagram taking a shot of its product.
Donald McTrump (Ivan Orama)
This piece, by New York-based artist Ivan Orama, has been sighted in his home city and London, among other places.
Drumpf (El Peezo)
Trump is combined with "Star Wars" baddie Jabba the Hutt in this Phoenix piece by El Peezo. "The Donald is pop culture. He is a character, not a real person. I suppose that is the underlying theme behind this piece," the artist told the Phoenix New Times earlier this month. "People need to see him as a character, not a candidate for President." (Oddly enough, in 1998 Dark Horse comics published a collection called Jabba the Hutt: The Art of the Deal, which shares a name with a best-selling Trump book from 1987.)
Trump This (Chemis)
Street artist Chemis, from the Czech Republic, painted this piece of a young boxer appearing to have punched Donald Trump's head through a wall in Malta.

Seen any anti-Trump street art? Email the image, location and artist's name to

You can also submit your work to our “If This Art Could Vote” project, documenting the artwork being produced surrounding the 2016 election, via this link here.

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims -- 1.6 billion members of an entire religion -- from entering the U.S.

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