A Tremendous Roundup Of Street Art Ridiculing Donald Trump

From England and Austria to New York and Los Angeles, the writing is on the wall.

Street artists have a lot to say about President Donald Trump ― little of it flattering.

Works criticizing the former reality TV personality began appearing on walls around the world soon after he launched his bid for the presidency in June 2015.

Now that the man is actually in the White House, there’s been a renewed explosion of anti-Trump murals, stencils and posters.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the most notable pieces so far ― and we expect to add to this collection over the coming months and years.

Seen some anti-Trump street art? Or can you help us further identify the artists or locations of the pieces we already have in the list? Email your images and information to lee.moran@huffingtonpost.com.

Trump As Adolf Hitler (Pegasus)
Pegasus received death threats after depicting Trump as Nazi Germany's brutal dictator Adolf Hitler on a wall in Bristol, England, in February 2016. “I will never give in to fear mongering, nor will I ever be censored," the London-based street artist, who is originally from Chicago, told The Huffington Post at the time. "I am American and I believe in freedom of speech and artistic freedom of expression."
We're Caught In A Trump (Barbiturikills & Hope.xlf)
Street artists Barbiturikills and Hope.xlf created this mural in Valencia, Spain, shortly after Trump’s presidential election victory. “We were freaking out about the result, it was like a bad joke so that’s why we painted it,” Barbiturikills told The Huffington Post. It's since been removed, however.
Don't Feed The Trolls (TABBY)
TABBY painted “Don’t Feed The Trolls" in Vienna before the presidential election. "Trump is everything that’s right and wrong with America and the world," TABBY told HuffPost at the time. "He’s the American Dream of being super wealthy and saying what you want, while being totally out of touch with reality."
Love Trumps All (TABBY)
TABBY also dropped "Love Trumps All" in Vienna.
Donald Tramp (TABBY)
And TABBY's third anti-Trump piece in Vienna was, the artist told HuffPost, "all about how good old Donald will do anything for attention."
Dump Trump (Hanksy)
Van Tine Dennis/ABACA USA
New York street artist Hanksy depicted Trump as a giant pile of crap on Manhattan’s Lower East Side in the summer of 2015. It lasted the course of the presidential campaign, but was sadly whitewashed in early January after city officials threatened to fine the building's owner if it wasn't removed.
It's All Fun And Games... (Jeff Rothberg)
This reproduction of Jeff Rothberg's piece was spotted in Brooklyn, New York, in November 2016.
Fishy Business (Toxic Theriac)
Artist: Toxic Theriac
Location: Montreal
Ice Cream

Spotted #trumpstreetart @realdonaldtrump in @brick_lane_art #banksy

A photo posted by Yeohan kim (@djyeo_) on

Artist: Unknown
Location: London
Rape Trump (Indecline)
The Indecline collective painted this “Rape Trump” mural near Tijuana airport on the old U.S.-Mexico border wall in 2015. “We want to raise awareness [about the] horrible shit he said,” a member of the collective told Vice at the time. “Controversy works better than something subtle.”

#UncleDon2016 @uncledon2016 @wrd_on_the_st @thestreetsofnyc #dumptrump #trumpstreetart #trump graffiti

A photo posted by H■ (@no_stopping_anytime) on

Artist: Unknown
Location: New York City


A photo posted by LR/LA (@lrlai) on

Artist: Unknown
Location: Believed to be Los Angeles
Devil Trump (Heesco)

controversial street art of Melbourne 😂 #donaldtrumpstreetart #deviltrump #streetart #melbourne #art #amazing

A photo posted by Jess Corsair (@jessieeebell) on

Artist: Heesco
Location: Melbourne, Australia
We The People (Shepard Fairey)
Shepard Fairey adapted his iconic “Hope” picture that circulated during President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign to create several “We The People” images for Trump’s inauguration.
The Fire Of The Resistance
Artist: Unknown
Location: La 72 migrant shelter in Tenosique, Tabasco, Mexico
Artist: Unknown
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Trump As Adolf Hitler
An unidentified artist depicted Trump as Adolf Hitler in Atlanta in December 2015, pasting the posters beneath highway overpasses around the city.
Make Everything Great Again (Mindaugas Bonanu)
Liutauras Strimaitis/AP
Trump smooched with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Mindaugas Bonanu's piece, which he painted on the side of the Keule Ruke barbecue joint in Vilnius, Lithuania, in May 2016.
If Elected, I'll Deport Myself
The artist is unknown, but this graffiti is believed to have appeared at Heaven Skate Park in Hartford, Connecticut, in September 2015.
Donald Eres Un Pendejo (Ilegal Mezcal)
Donald Eres un Pendejo, sidewalk stencil, Sunset Junction, Los Angeles, California, USA
Liquor brand Ilegal Mezcal called Trump a "dumbass" in this Spanish-language graphic, which appeared in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and elsewhere in the run-up to the election.
Donald McTrump (Ivan Orama)
New York-based artist Ivan Orama's piece popped up in his home city, London and elsewhere in the run-up to the election.
Kiss Of Death (The Paintsmiths)
GEOFF CADDICK via Getty Images
Trump locks lips with British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in the Paintsmiths' (aka Jack "Dones" and Felix Braun) "Kiss of Death" mural in Bristol, England. The pro-Europe campaign group We Are Europe commissioned the artwork before the United Kingdom's referendum vote to leave the European Union in June 2016. “People need to look at this image and think — is this the future I want?” spokeswoman Harriet Kingaby said in a statement at the time.
Are We There Yet? (Jack 'Dones')
Street artist Jack "Dones," who is part of the Paintsmiths, painted this mural in Bristol, England, as a follow-up to "Kiss Of Death" (see above).
Drumpf (El Peezo)
El Peezo fused Trump and "Star Wars” villain Jabba the Hutt for this piece in Phoenix in early 2016. “The Donald is pop culture. He is a character, not a real person. I suppose that is the underlying theme behind this piece,” the artist told the Phoenix New Times.
Chairman Trump (Jacob Thomas)
Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas combined Trump's facial features with those of China's former Communist Chairman Mao Zedong for this "Chairman Trump" piece. It popped up on walls across Chicago in the lead-up to the election. This piece appeared in Brooklyn, New York.
We Shall Overcomb
Artist: Unknown
Location: London
Bad Hombre
Artist: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Humpty Trumpty (Ron English)
Artist: Ron English
Location: Unknown
Egg Donald Trump (Furia ACK)
Furia ACK wanted people in London's East End to pelt their portrait of Donald Trump with raw eggs. “I honestly believe a lot of people in the same situation would gladly do the same against him and his views,” the artist told London 24 after painting the image in January 2016.
Artist: Unknown
Location: Believed to be Melbourne, Australia
I Want To Feel You
Artist: Unknown
Location: Los Angeles
Postcard For Donald Trump (Ador & Ensu)
Street art duo Ador (French) and Ensu (Canadian) worked together on this mural of a same-sex couple kissing in a park in Nantes, France, in March 2016.
Meanwhile In America... (Greg Auerbach)
Greg Auerbach initially painted “Meanwhile In America…” in California featuring Trump and his vice president, Mike Pence. But the artist switched out Pence for Russian President Vladimir Putin in January 2017 when he made some changes after people scratched out Trump’s face from his first mural. "Without being hateful, I wanted to make a piece that expressed two things; we spent so much time focusing on whether or not the election was cheated, that we barely explored the fact that all of our disconnects with each other left a gap wide enough for President Trump to squeeze through,” Auerbach told HuffPost. “Secondly, I wanted to relate to what many of us feel is the biggest shortcoming of this new administration and president; a lack of qualification, and a sense of recklessness, be it a political recklessness, or (more dangerously) a moral one.”
Captain America (D-NEK)
D-NEK painted seven of these murals in locations across Bristol and Somerset in southwest England. "They were all in place for Inauguration Day," D-NEK told Huff Post, although the artist refused to say whether the pieces were anti-Trump. "If you see it as pro- or anti- that's down to you. Personally I thought it looked hilarious, that's why I done it."
I Am What I Am (JJGuns)
Ann Butler spotted this JJGuns piece in Hillsboro, Oregon. The artist himself told The Huffington Post that he gave Trump two left hands "because he is never right." "I did this piece to hopefully get a laugh," he added. "After seeing Hanksy's bowel movement I was very inspired, just out here bringing the light to a very sensitive subject that has plagued America and the world."
Adolf Trump (JJGuns)
JJGuns is also behind this "Adolf Trump" piece. "The walls are also a place of protest," the artist told HuffPost. "You get a lot more bees with honey than with napalm. It's times like these that bring everyone together."
Bitchy Rich Salute (ABCNT)
Artist: ABCNT
Location: Los Angeles
The Cock Grabber (Herr Nilsson)
Herr Nilsson painted “The Cock Grabber” under a tram bridge in Stockholm. It was in response to Trump’s disgusting comments about women during the infamous 2005 bus ride with former “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush, Nilsson told The Huffington Post.
Everywhere You Look (ABCNT)
Artist: ABCNT
Location: Los Angeles
Bully Culprit (Robbie Conal)
Artist: Robbie Conal
Location: Erica Macaranas spotted this poster in Los Angeles in summer 2016
We Are Better Than This
Artist: Unknown
Location: Lynn Kirby spotted this piece on a telephone pole in Austin, Texas
KKK (281_Anti Nuke)
Graffiti artist 281_Anti Nuke is behind these stickers in Tokyo. "My art was produced out of the fear of what may happen to Japan because of such a horrifying leader,” the artist told Reuters. Trump "is saying white supremacist things, things that are much more than America first.”
Devil Trump
Artist: Unknown
Location: Nicole Becker spotted these pieces during the Women’s March in Oakland, California, on Jan. 21, 2017
Portrait Of A Clown (Jacob Gardner and Katelyn Lockhart)
Jacob Gardner and Katelyn Lockhart are responsible for this piece that appeared on the side of “The Spot” bar in Lafayette, Indiana, in January 2017. “Trump is a clown,” Gardner told the Lafayette Journal & Courier. “He’s a joke, and the whole world is either laughing at him or terrified of him.”
Artist: Unknown
Location: Raquel Rochelle saw this piece on the window of a Mexican food restaurant in Dublin, Ireland, in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election.
He Is A Sith Lord
Artist: Unknown
Location: Caroline Shotton spotted this piece in Merida, Mexico, in March 2016
Make America Sane Again (Bambi)
Street artist Bambi painted this mural in London in January 2017. It’s “in strong protest against President Trump and his crazy actions and executive orders he has administered in his first week of office,” the artist wrote on Facebook. “Lady Liberty stands as a symbol of democracy, civil rights and freedom of speech, press and women’s rights. Lady Liberty shares the world’s shock at the insanity that has gripped America in recent days. Lady Liberty will continue to protest against Trump’s warped, racist, bigoted and paranoid view of the world. We shall not be silenced.”
A Special Relationship (Pegasus)
Pegasus painted this piece, which shows British Prime Minister Theresa May spanking Trump, in Shoreditch, London, in January 2017. "A lot of the time, when I watch the news, I feel like I am watching an apocalyptic movie," he told London's Evening Standard newspaper. "Protests round the world, it is a crazy world we live in now. I wanted to express my concern through the work.”
Bully Trump
Artist: Unknown
Location: Bella Manu spotted this piece in Brooklyn, New York City, December 2016
Christine H saw this piece showing Trump behind Uncle Sam in a guillotine on an underpass in San Jose, California, soon after the election. It's since been painted over. The artist is unknown.
Host Of Horror (Greyballs Wolfmonkey)
Greyballs Wolfmonkey is behind this sticker, which he posted in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. "My inspiration was Trump's blatant plugs for McDonald's and KFC when he was on the campaign trail," the artist told HuffPost. "It made me wonder if that's what he would serve to some dignitary."
Racism Won't Trump Our Unity
Eight graffiti artists painted this 300-foot-long mural overlooking the M32 motorway in Bristol, England, in early February 2017. “It is a succinct expression of faith in the multicultural nature of Bristol’s community,” said Chris Chalkley, the chairman of the People's Republic of Stokes Croft, a community organization which gained the permission to use the painting site.
Lie Lie Land (Bambi)
Street artist Bambi painted this “La La Land” movie poster parody in London, England, in February 2017. It shows Trump dancing with the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Theresa May. “A happy couple dancing without a care in the world, this film was released during a dark political time in our world,” Bambi told The Huffington Post.
The Lying King (TABBY)
TABBY, who was behind various anti-Trump pieces prior to the election (see above), is also responsible for "The Lying King" which has been popping up in Vienna, Austria, in February 2017. "I was going to be done with him for a while," the street artist told The Huffington Post. "But the idea was too good to pass up."
Batman Trump (Jacob Thomas)
Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas, the artist behind the “Chairman Trump” piece (see above), is also responsible for this "Batman Trump" work.
Statue Grab
Michael Eisinger says he spotted this piece of anti-Trump art -- in which Trump grabs the Statue of Liberty -- whilst walking “about one to two blocks from the White House” in Washington, D.C. The artist is unknown.
If We Get Out Of This (Barbiturikills & Hope.xlf)
Barbiturikills & Hope.xlf
Street artists Barbiturikills and Hope.xlf painted this mural of Trump ready to do battle with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in Valencia, Spain, in February 2017.
Donald Bin Laden
Kendyll Barnett spotted this piece in Reno, Nevada, in February 2017. The artist is unknown.
Not My President
Arjen van Lith spotted this piece in Austin, Texas, in February 2017. The artist is unknown.
Teletubbies & Trump (Defx & Welin)
Picture sent in by Frederick
Street artists Defx & Welin are reportedly behind this mural of Trump and the Teletubbies.
Fiery Trump
Lola McKnight spotted this mural in San Francisco’s Clarion Alley in February 2017. The artist is unknown.
Top Trumps

Erin Hogarty spotted these pieces in Shoreditch, London, England, in February 2017. The artist or artists are unknown.
Winning? Bigly (Mike T Mallon)
Mike T Mallon
Mike T Mallon created this poster, which was wheatpasted around the Philadelphia area, in 2016. “It seems that art is one of he best ways to ‘get it out’ rather than all of the banter you see on Facebook or arguing that's going on amongst friends,” the artist told HuffPost.
Arjen van Lith also spotted these "Resist" pieces in various places across Austin, Texas, in February and March 2017. The artist is unknown.

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