Anti-Vaccine Protesters Mocked Over ‘Fully Researched’ Target... Outside Wrong Building

They protested the BBC's COVID-19 coverage outside a building the British broadcaster left eight years ago.

Anti-vaccine protesters came together in London on Monday, reportedly to demonstrate against vaccine passports, vaccines for children and what they claim is the BBC’s biased coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.

But they assembled outside a building the British public broadcaster largely vacated in 2013, per multiple media reports.

Police prevented the group from entering the Television Centre complex in west London, which now houses apartments, eateries and TV studios that the BBC rents out to other broadcasters.

A smaller group of protesters later walked to the BBC’s now-main base in London, some five miles away at Broadcasting House.

Critics mocked their confusion on Twitter.

“Fully researched protest,” cracked entrepreneur Deborah Meaden.

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