Anti-Valentine's Day Gifts For All The Heartbreakers Out There

Eat your heart out 💘

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You might actually like these anti-Valentine's Day gifts, even if you're tired of all the love in the air.
You might actually like these anti-Valentine's Day gifts, even if you're tired of all the love in the air.

It’s a tough time for nonromantics: Love’s not just in the air, it’s all over the place.

But don’t worry, heartbreakers. If you’re hoping for a night in away from all the Valentine’s Day madness, we found the best anti-Valentine’s Day gifts to get for yourself, your equally skeptical friends or your partner .

Take a peek at these anti-Valentine’s Day gifts that won’t make you gag:

A fancy, heart-shaped Dutch oven from Le Creuset
Le Creuset
Share (or don't) a romantic dinner without having to step inside a crowded restaurant filled with lovebirds. Find it at Le Creuset, which also offers free shipping on any order.
A mat that's all about "me, myself and I"
Urban Outfitters
In the words of RuPaul,“If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” Find it at Urban Outfitters. Keep in mind that this mat won't ship until after Valentine's Day.
A mask to stay in and unbothered
Get your skin glowing while knowing that you didn't overspend on flowers that'll wilt in a week. Find it at Sephora.
Ceramic plant pops that aren't for red roses
The Sill
Forget about red roses. These ceramic pops that are for plant parents and theif little one that just keeps growing. Find them at The Sill.
A pair of earrings for a girls-only night out
Urban Outfitters
Luckily, you won't have a love-hate relationships with these earrings. Find them at Urban Outfitters.
A stain remover that's perfect for when you're wining and whining
Uncommon Goods
An anti-Valentine's Day celebration needs wine. And a lot of it. So this red wine stain remover will come in handy. Find it at Uncommon Goods.
A garland that puts ovaries before brovaries
Etsy / MissyBocu
It's perfect for a Galentine's Day brunch. Find it at Etsy.
A pair of socks for crazy cat ladies
Wear your "crazy cat lady" badge with pride. Find them at ModCloth.
A T-shirt that cuts right to the chase
Etsy / SouthernSugarStudio
"Meh" is right. Find this tee at Etsy.
A beauty fridge for your true loves
Urban Outfitters
You have to treat your skin, too. Find it at Urban Outfitters.
A croissant destress ball
Yeah, Valentine's Day can be overwhelming. But this croissant-shaped destress ball will be around all year. Find it at
A lipstick vibrator that's just for you
You don't have to share this one. Find it at Dame.
A bouquet of black roses that would make Beetlejuice smile
These will fit more with your aesthetic, anyway. Find them at Amazon.
A card with a disheveled Cupid
Etsy / HuckleberryPress
Unlike his arrow, this card will be a hit with your most cynical friends. Find it at Etsy.
Teabags that'll have you spilling some tea
Uncommon Goods
Sometimes you just need to unwind with a cup of tea and gossip from your friends. Find it at Uncommon Goods.
A mask to shield you from cheesy Valentine's Day Instagram posts
For when the cheesiness gets to be too much, just put on this eye mask and take a mental vacation. Find it at
A mitt that professes your hatred
Always Fits
The horse on this mitt gets it. Find it at Always Fits.
A candle that you'll swipe right on
Homesick Candles
Sorry, not sorry. Find it at Homesick Candles.
A pair of socks that express your feelings perfectly
Sometimes, you're just not feeling the lemons that life gives you. Find them at ModCloth.
A sleep jumpsuit for lounging around
Let's face it: Restaurants on Valentine's Day are too packed and painful to be in. It's much better to stay in, put on this jumpsuit and watch a horror movie. Find it at Anthropologie.