Anti-Bush -- Pro-Alito

As one who believes Bush should be not just impeached but frog-marched to the Hague I've listened to maybe 3-4 hours of the Alito hearings. I only listen to Democrat questions because Repubs just suck up to the guy. I don't think my side has laid a glove on him. I sure want them to. Anything that damages Bush is a service to the world as far as I'm concerned but fair is fair. Just as the evidence convicts Bush of lying us into an illegal war that killed tens of thousands of innocents, the evidence I've so far heard, combined with Alito's explanations, exonerate him of ideological bias.

I'm just a humble comedian but all any of us can do is gather as much evidence as possible, look at it as honestly as we can and make our best calls. I'd LOVE to be able to oppose Alito with a clear conscience. But I do have a conscience. I love everything that is anti-Bush (pro-justice) but so far "Mr. Danger's" nominee seems, to me, solid.

But it's not over yet, maybe before the final vote somebody will reveal a stained blue judicial robe with Bush's DNA.