Anti-Islamic Center Protesters Harass Random African-American Man (VIDEO)

This guy will probably think twice before walking through another anti-mosque rally.

On Sunday opponents of a proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero accosted a black man who tried to navigate through a crowd of anti-mosque protesters.

Someone calls the man a "coward," prompting the man to yell, "Y'all motherfuckers don't know my opinion about shit."

Maybe not, but that doesn't stop a guy in a blue hardhat from getting in the man's face as the crowd renews its chants of, "No Mosque Here."

Soon, a peace-seeking protester gets between the two men and the tension is eventually defused.

The YouTube user who posted claims that the man who caused the protester freakout is simply a union carpenter who works at Ground Zero.

He is also, for whatever it's worth, the man makes it clear that he's not a Muslim.

WATCH the heated confrontation below (WARNING: VIDEOS CONTAIN NSFW LANGUAGE):