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'Antiques Roadshow': Antique Chair Used As A Toilet Is Worth A Staggering Amount (VIDEO)

One man had a unique chair worth way more than he could have imagined, and far more than the $700 he spent for it, on "Antiques Roadshow" (Mon., 8 p.m. ET on PBS). The man bought the chair along with several items for that $700 dollar price tag, and it proved to be hundreds of years old and worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What made it special was that it was a pre-plumbing toilet that was handcrafted and rather ornate. A cushion hid the hole in the center, and the appraiser said that often these types of chairs also had skirting around them to hide the bucket underneath.

The appraiser guessed that the chair was made in New York and would fetch anywhere from $250,000-300,000 dollars, which the man calmly said he thought was "fantastic."

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