'Ghost' Caught On Camera Browsing In Antiques Store

"I was 100 percent convinced by the footage."

Ghostly goings-on are spooking out staff at an antiques store in central England.

Surveillance footage shows what some claim is the specter of a woman browsing the aisles of Hopkinson Vintage, Antiques and Art Centre in Nottingham:

Owner Liam Woodgates spotted the apparition on surveillance tape while re-wiring the company's security system on Tuesday night, ITV News reports.

And his colleagues are convinced it's the spirit of the 130-year-old building's original owner, Mrs. Hopkinson, who is coming back to haunt them.

"I was 100 percent convinced by the footage," general manager Izzy Watts told the Daily Mirror, adding she "actually felt sick" after seeing it for the first time.

Watch the "ghost" appear in the middle channel:

"It's as if she's just walking over towards that rail of clothes to have a browse through," Watts added to the Nottingham Post. "It's my favorite area of clothing in the shop, so she's obviously a woman with taste."

A store worker posted the footage to Facebook on Thursday.

"Eek! We always had a inkling the building was haunted, but this week we spotted something a little disturbing on our CCTV!" states the post under the now-viral video.

The building was first opened in the 1880s as a family run industrial engineers merchants called H. Hopkinson Ltd, according to the Nottingham Post.

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