Antoinette Tuff, The Woman Who Stopped A School Shooting, On God's Preparation (VIDEO)

Antoinette Tuff started her day on Aug. 20, 2013, just the same as any other, without any idea that it would quickly become extraordinary.

"I got up that morning just as normal, went in to have my prayer time and spend some time with the Lord, talking to him and listening to him, but unfortunately during that time he didn't tell me that I was going to be meeting Michael Hill later that day," she said.

Tuff went to work as usual at the front desk of Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy near Atlanta. Later that day, she spotted Michael Hill, who arrived at the school with an assault rifle and 500 rounds of ammunition.

But Tuff was certain that "God had been preparing me for this moment." Amid the fear and intense pressure, she became a hero as she talked down Hill and convinced him to surrender to authorities. She joined HuffPost Live on Jan. 22 to recount her experience and share her faith's role in it, which she has written about in a book called "Prepared for a Purpose: The Inspiring True Story of How One Woman Saved an Atlanta School Under Siege."

See the full interview with Antoinette Tuff at HuffPost Live here:

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