Photojournalists To Auction Work For Family Of Anton Hammerl, Photographer Killed In Libya

Journalists are rallying around the family of Anton Hammerl, a freelance photographer who was shot and killed covering the war in Libya.

Hammerl and three other journalists were attacked by Gaddafi loyalists early last April. His family was told by the Libyan government that he would be released, but later learned that he had been killed and that his body had been left in the desert.

On May 15, Christie's will auction a set of prints from acclaimed photojournalists to raise money for Hammerl's three young children. Christiane Amanpour will host the event, which was organized by the non-profit Friends of Anton. Members of the international press created the organization to support Hammerl's family.

"Besides raising funds for Anton's 11-, 8- and 1-year-old children the evening aims to highlight the sacrifices made by photographers -- particularly freelancers -- who assume great risks to bring back images to agencies, magazines, publishers and readers worldwide, often with little backup," Friends of Anton told Fast Company.

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