Rare World War I Images Found Inside Antique Camera By Photographer Anton Orlov (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

A blogger passionate about historic photography techniques serendipitously found some old photos inside his newly-purchased camera. As in, World War I old.

Last week, Anton Orlov of the Photo Palace blog was cleaning the Jumelle Belllieni stereoscopic camera that he'd bought at an antique store a few days prior, and found the images completely by accident. According to his blog, he opened the film chamber and saw the negatives on a stack of glass plates.

"While viewing the images in their negative form it was difficult to say for sure what was on each of them, but after scanning them it became clear that they dated back to the First World War and were taken somewhere in France," Orlov wrote.

rare wwi photos in antique camera

He told Yahoo News via email that he has found undeveloped film inside old cameras before, but never images like these. The set of eight, which he scanned and published on his blog, seem to be almost perfectly preserved.

rare wwi photos in antique camera

In them, the war's toll on the French countryside is seen in crisp black and white. Two soldiers stand next to a big bomb in one of the negatives, while another shows men on horseback near the remains of a downed airplane.

"I absolutely love finding images that likely have never been seen by anyone in the world," Orlov wrote on his blog.

rare wwi photos in antique camera



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