Antoni Porowski Tells All About Pete Davidson-Kate Beckinsale Kiss Meme

The "Queer Eye" star revealed what he was really doing at the New York Rangers game while the couple played "tonsil hockey."

Antoni Porowski went from innocent spectator to viral meme in the time it took for Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale to French kiss at a recent New York Rangers hockey game.

Jokes about how awkward the “Queer Eye” star looked as he sat next to the amorous pair sped through social media.

But on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Monday, Porowski set the record straight: He was engrossed in watching a fight on the ice, not avoiding what host Kimmel called the “tonsil hockey” in the stands.

“To finally clarify, there were two hockey players going at it, basically like beating the hell out of each other, and I was genuinely concerned,” Porowski said.

As for the PDA-packin’ lovebirds, Porowski said: “We chatted the entire game. She’s very funny, witty, charming ... ”

Porowski tried to finish his thought, but “Queer Eye” co-stars Jonathan Van Ness and Tan France had other ideas. They wanted to know who the muscular guy was sitting behind them in the viral photo.

Watch the interview above. Kimmel introduces the photo around the 5:10 mark and Porowski finally reveals what was going on at 6:10.