'Queer Eye' Star Antoni Porowski Strips To His Underwear For Hanes Campaign

"All of my avocados just ripened," one admirer wrote.

“Queer Eye” star Antoni Porowski set social media ablaze this weekend in a pair of skimpy boxer briefs and a smile.

The show’s resident food and wine guru stripped to his skivvies for a photo posted to his Twitter and Instagram accounts on Thursday. His art director boyfriend, Joey Krietemeyer, is credited as the photographer.

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As it turns out, the photo wasn’t posted simply as a thirst trap. Along with TV host Nev Schulman and former New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, Porowski has teamed up with Hanes for its #VouchForThePouch campaign to launch its new Comfort Flex Fit boxer briefs.

“I think it’s really amazing, and I’m very proud and excited to be working with them,” Porowski told People. “When they first approached I thought it was going to be for the classic white brief which everyone loves, but then they showed me the Comfort Flex Fit boxer briefs, which are an updated modernized version, and I love them.”

“Teaming with Hanes, I feel a little more American in a good way,” the 34-year-old Canadian native added.

Needless to say, Porowski’s admirers responded enthusiastically.

Others were amused by Porowski’s use of the word “contrapposto,” defined by Merriam-Webster as “a position of the depicted human body in which twisting of the vertical axis results in hips, shoulders, and head turned in different directions.”

In art, it refers to an ancient Greek sculptural trend that involved posing human figures so that their weight rested on one leg. The form was later revived by Italian Renaissance artists.

By Monday morning, the photo had garnered more than 208,000 likes on Instagram and 11,000 likes on Twitter.

So Porowski ― whose actual culinary prowess has been called into question based on the first season of “Queer Eye” ― could have a modeling career to fall back on if his kitchen smarts no longer impress.

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