Antonio Brown Mocks Buccaneers With Shirtless Tweet And Fans Are Not Amused

Tampa Bay released him after he stripped to the waist during a game, and the receiver tried to get in the last word after the team's loss in the NFL playoffs.

Antonio Brown, who undressed and stormed off the field before the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cut him earlier this month, again went shirtless to make a spectacle of himself on social media.

After his old team lost to the Los Angeles Rams in a playoff game on Sunday, the troubled receiver posted a doctored photo of him from his infamous strip-down at MetLife Stadium. The edited image showed him holding a sign that read “Bucs eliminated.”

Brown appears to be elated over the defeat of a team that gave him a chance to redeem a checkered career. Brown claimed the Bucs cut him because he refused to play with an ankle injury.

Quarterback Tom Brady, who encouraged the Bucs to sign Brown and threw a touchdown pass to him in last year’s Super Bowl, asked for fans to show compassion for the star receiver.

The former Steelers standout joined Brady in New England two seasons earlier, and was let go by the Patriots after one game when sexual assault allegations came to light. He later was suspended for violating the league’s conduct policy and reportedly ran afoul of police in Hollywood, Florida, several times.

His second chances may have finally run out ― and a tweet like this probably won’t help.

Some fans reminded Brown that even the NFL can run out of patience.

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