Antonio Iovine, Top Mob Boss, Nabbed In Italy

Antonio Iovine, a top mafia boss in the Casalesi crime family, was arrested today after 14 years on the run, reports the AP.

The dashing mob man, nicknamed "o ninno" (or "the baby") for his boyish looks, was arrested with virtually no resistance after being tracked to a crawl space. Iovine has already been convicted in absentia for "murder and criminal association. however, "He never left his territory. A real boss never leaves his territory," according to Santi Giuffre, the Naples police chief.

Police celebrated as they escorted Iovine to a safe location, knowing they had captured one of Italy's most wanted men. According to the AP:

In an idea of the Casalesi's clout on Italy's organized crime scene, police have seized about euro2 billion ($2.7 billion) worth of assets allegedly illegally gained by its members over the last few years.

Investigators contend that the Casalesi family runs a lucrative illegal business in transporting and disposing of tons of toxic waste, a murky world explored in the book and film "Gomorrah."

However, it wasn't only the police who were smiling. Iovine kept a big grin on his face as he walked through the crowd flanked by members of the polizia. Although he intermittently covered his face with his hands, Iovine by and large seemed thrilled with his current predicament. Was the mobster happy, or was it a nervous smile? Check out the photos below and vote.

Top Mob Boss Nabbed In Italy