Antonio Pierce: Tiki Barber Won't Do Anything For Your Team As A Leader

Former New York Giants linebacker has a problem with his ex-teammate Tiki Barber, who plans on ending his retirement and return to the NFL.

Pierce said on Tuesday's NFL Live that although Barber could be very productive "in certain situations," he will not add any leadership in the locker room for any team that signs him.

"Tiki Barber, the leader, the person in that locker room? He is not going to do anything for your team," Pierce said. "Now if that is the guy you think you are bringing in, you might want to look in another direction."

The ESPN analyst went on to say that his problem with the former running back is that from his personal experience, "he didn't do anything to help the Giants in 2006 when he decided to retire in the middle of the season and then months later question our quarterback and our head coach."

Barber's agent, Mark Lepselter, fired back at Pierce to the New York Post.

"I wholeheartedly acknowledge Antonio has a Super Bowl ring," he said. "But beyond that do I really need to waste my time comparing Tiki's accomplishments in Giants blue with Antonio's accomplishments in Giants blue?"

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