14 Illustrations That Are All Too Real For People With Anxiety

Nailed it.

Anxiety disorders are still largely misunderstood in society, despite the fact that an overwhelming number of American adults experience them. Luckily, artist Pranita Kocharekar is here with some visual insight.

After facing anxiety on her own, Kocharekar started opening up about her emotions with her friends. She discovered that many of them also shared similar experiences ― so she began documenting them and created her “Acknowledge Anxiety” project.

Pranita Kocharekar

“I knew that stating these facts alone will not be enough to spread awareness of the illness,” Kocharekar told The Huffington Post. “It’s very easy for a person suffering through anxiety to worry about having anxiety. I hope that my illustrations will ease them a little.”

While the illustrations are meant to be a bit humorous, the artwork is also a spot-on interpretation of the fear that people with anxiety face on a regular basis. The condition can cause unfounded panic and stress ― sometimes over nothing ― which then takes a toll on the sufferer’s physical health.

Pranita Kocharekar

Ultimately, Kocharekar wants the artwork to shine a light on the reality of the mental health disorder and that it’s OK to seek help.

“Don’t self diagnose any illness, please speak to a doctor or a therapist about it,” she said. “Acknowledging that one may have a problem is the first step to cure. I’m hoping people with and without anxiety understand the illness better so they can help themselves and each other.”

Sounds like a good mission to us. Take a look at the rest of Kocharekar’s “Acknowledge Anxiety” illustrations below:

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