These AOL Kids Learned To Thrive On Take Your Child To Work Day

Thursday, April 23 is Take Your Child To Work Day, and the kids at the AOL/HuffPost offices in New York got to do lots of fun activities -- including learn a few ways to thrive.

kids yoga

yoga kids

Just as Huffington Post and AOL staffers take yoga, nap in our nap rooms and meditate, the little ones got to try out meditation and yoga while in the office.

yoga kids zipper

In the morning, Arianna Huffington explained both meditation and yoga to a crowd of youngsters. She had some of the kids with yoga experience come up and show the group their favorite poses -- they were very excited to show off their downward dog and warrior poses.

yoga kids downward dog

yoga kids downward dog

Many of the kids in the afternoon class led by Bright Horizons were first timers to yoga.

yoga kids cow pose

The youngsters seemed to especially enjoy the crab pose.

At the end, as they reflected on the class together, many said their favorite pose was candlestick.

kid yoga candlestick

yoga kids reflection

Overall, the yoga class seemed pretty successful. "I feel like a god now," Dylan said, when asked about how he felt after the class. We're not entirely sure what he means, but it sounds a lot like thriving.

kids yoga together

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