#AOLBUILD Welcomes U.S. Harper's Bazaar Editor in Chief, Glenda Bailey

#AOLBUILD Welcomes U.S. Harper's Bazaar Editor in Chief, Glenda Bailey
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"Nobody wants to be the same as anybody else." - Glenda Bailey

Individuality is Glenda Bailey's motto, mission and vision all wrapped into an unparalleled passion for editing. One might even define it as her calling and considering the 13 years of editor-in-chief experience at Harper's Bazaar U.S. alone, they would not be wrong.

Glenda's reputation most definitely precedes her impeccably styled self and we are thrilled to welcome the editor in chief of Harper's Bazaar to AOL's BUILD speaker series.

In the fashion world, Glenda is a celebrated game-changer. Dedicated and creative, she has mastered the art of turning a "no into a definite yes," inviting celebrities to explore their inner survivor on deserted islands and beyond. Her vision has pioneered and paved the way for Harper's Bazaar to earn award winning covers eight years running.

Glenda's approach is on par with her fashion sense: direct and "spontaneously prepared." Keen on "shades of grey," Glenda's a "black and white" woman at heart and has established her outstanding career by giving credit, letting people know where they stand and above all, having a sense of humor. How else would she have been able to keep her composure in situations where Demi Moore and a giraffe's questionable breath were involved?

Watch the AOL BUILD segment below to find out.

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