AP: After Palin, Ayotte Resigns to Explore NH Senate; Sotomayor Is the Bar: Welcome to the 24/7 Election Cycle of the Woman

You may not like Sarah Palin's voice, or winks, or nods, or language. But she has a perfect storm brewing, and told Andrea Mitchell as much. She can't afford more ethics allegations, and Limbaugh says she can't afford to stay above the lower 48, or let the media define her on their terms anymore.

Last week was Independence Day for Sarah Palin.

This week, New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte resigned from her job to focus on forming an Exploratory Committee to (likely) run for Judd Gregg's Senate seat.

She's smart, she's connected, but she has never run for statewide office before. She is liked by the Republican establishment, and has worked as AG for both Republican Governor Craig Benson, and Democratic Governor John Lynch.

She may not be a professional politician, and neither is Palin (wink, nod.) But they have something many of their male counterparts may not. They are outsiders. They have a different perspective. Sotomayor put it on the record: a perspective different than that of white males.

Like Obama, they don't have to talk the talk of change. They are change.

2010 has started. 2012 too. We now officially live in the era of the seamless 24/7 campaign. You snooze, you lose. Could just be the change that allows a new slate of candidates, including women, to emerge in both parties.