AP Reporter Wounded In Afghanistan Vows To Return, Refuses To Be 'Held Hostage'

Less than a year since she was shot while covering the elections in Afghanistan, Associated Press journalist Kathy Gannon says she will return to the country where she almost lost her life.

In April, an Afghan police commander fired at point-blank range into the back seat of a car where Gannon and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Anja Niedringhaus were waiting out a rain storm. Niedringhaus sustained mortal injuries in the shooting and died. Gannon survived with a punctured lung and severe damage to the artery in her wrist. She told CBC News' Susan Ormiston she will not be "held hostage" by the gunman, nor will she let the events dictate her choices.

“I’m definitely going back,” Gannon said, her left arm still bandaged, her fingers partially paralyzed. “And I know Anja would be exactly the same. I am not going to let some crazy gunman decide my future. I'm going to go back to Afghanistan for sure, and I'm going to work. There are wonderful stories to be told still, and I want to tell them.”