NYC Apartment Comes With Everything, Including A Shower In The Kitchen

New York City Apartment Comes With A Shower In The Kitchen

New York City real estate is notoriously ridiculous. The city boasts everything from million dollar parking spaces to penthouses that sell for $115 million. There are also certain apartments that have some, um, unique quirks, while still costing thousands per month.

One such apartment has been making the rounds on the Internet for having a shower smack dab in its kitchen. Take a look:


According to the apartment's PadLister description, this one-bedroom, one-bath apartment can be yours for a cool $1,795 per month. The bathroom is listed as a "full bath" because it does indeed have a shower, toilet and sink -- just not in the same place.

The listing agent acknowledge's that the apartment has an odd set up. Even the apartment's description seems to make light of it:

Situated south of delancey on orchard-This old world style apt is better than your average studio! Although the shower is in the kitchen, YES it's in the kitchen, it has a separate room for your bed- so the kitchen/living area can easily accommodate a sofa and small table & chairs & more!bedroom will not fit more than a bed... The rent may be negotiable, so make an offer and ill talk to the building owner :)1st come 1st serve- low feetext.

The kitchen/shower combination is certainly odd, but it's not a complete rarity. There are actually many kitchen/bathroom combos in the Lower East Side, like this apartment with a tub right next to the kitchen counter, pictured below. The owner joked in the listing that one could "take a bubble bath while a friend cooks your dinner!"

Oftentimes, these apartments are in old tenement buildings. Apartments with tubs in their kitchens are the result of "landlords with an eye on the bottom line," who don't want "to go out of their way to install two sets of hot water pipes, so the pipes went to the kitchen and the tub stayed," The New York Times notes.

Silver lining to these kinds of apartments? They're perfect for multitaskers who want to, say, shower and watch their pasta boil at the same.

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