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Got $20 Million? Use It To Move Next Door To The Queen

Worth it, TBH.

We haven’t pined over a neighbor this badly since Mr. Rogers was on television.

London’s Buckingham Gate is a six-unit lap of luxury building which, according to its brochure, is made up of “impressive grand two and three bedroom apartments, crafted out of three 19th-century Grade II Listed townhouses.”

It’s also situated right next door to and overlooking ― you guessed it ― Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II’s famous London residence.

Its pièce de résistance is a $20 million-plus penthouse that spans 5,189 square feet, two floors and two buildings, boasts three bedrooms, three private terraces and was designed by “one of the most celebrated names in the world of contemporary interiors.” It is aptly referred to as the “jewel in the crown” of the project, according to House Beautiful UK.

An apartment situated on the first and second floor will run you around a cooler $14 million. But if you’re going to go big, you might as well pick the pad that could potentially give you a direct view at the queen rolling around the driveway in her Jaguar. At least that’s what we imagine she’s doing behind those closed gates.

And who knows? Perhaps her majesty will be coming knocking on your door in her jammies one night for a cup of milk.

Us mere mortals (with deep pockets) can dream.