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A.P.C. Designer: Flashy Bags And Platform Heels Turn Men Off

We admittedly allot our designer handbags and high heels more love than one should devote to inanimate objects. And while we don't necessarily care what guys think of our beloved accessories, it's always interesting to hear a man's take, especially when there's something we love that they really hate.

A.P.C. designer Jean Touitou revealed that he's not such a fan of our flashy purses and sky-high stilettos, speaking candidly with this week. "If I was a woman of my age, [62], I would be so sad that all those years of fighting for women has come to this prostitute fashion," he said.

Monsieur Touitou was bandying about the "p" word in reference to the platform high heels many women swear by:

"They're the same shoes from porn movies. I don't get it. I'm not against heels under certain circumstances. It's fun to have heels at a party. But there's a comedy in huge heels, in being exposed. No man exposes his feet. There's something about male domination there."

Like we said, our purses aren't safe, either. Touitou hates all of those high-priced, logo-emblazoned leather bags that seem to be the hallmark of New York's Upper East Side style set. He explains:

"The world is becoming more and more vulgar ... you can show on your arm that you can afford a 10, 15, 20k bag. It's obscene to me. Poor girls would bleed their veins to have those bags. One particular brand is over the top aesthetic-wise. As a man, it turns me off, I can't stand it anymore."

And here we thought men didn't even notice when we wore high heels. Perhaps Touitou's statements are just one man's opinion -- there are plenty of dudes out there who actually hate wedges more than anything (fact!).

But to be honest, aside from piquing our interest, we doubt any of this knowledge will affect our purse or shoe selection. Sorry, guys.

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