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Aphrodisiac Recipes To Make For Valentine's Day (PHOTOS)

It's hard to talk about Valentine's Day without everyone's favorite thing to giggle about.

Valentine's Day is upon us, everyone, and as always, we are advocates for you cooking yourself and your loved ones something delicious. It's hard to avoid talking about Valentine's Day without talking about everyone's favorite thing to giggle about: aphrodisiac foods.

Listen, we're all adults here (mostly?), and we happen to think that having someone cook you a meal because they like you is aphrodisiac enough. But, we suppose, an extra little nudge in the right direction never hurts. With that in mind, we gathered up a ton of Valentine's Day recipe ideas utilizing some of our favorite ingredients with love-inducing properties.

Last year we detailed what nutritional properties give these ingredients their secret aphrodisiac powers, and we realized, they're also some of our favorite ingredients to cook with, anyway. So go get yourselves some oysters, asparagus, garlic, avocados, basil, figs, almonds, bananas and -- of course -- chocolate, and let's get cooking. Happy Valentine's Day!

Aphrodisiac Recipes

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