Apolo Ohno On Preparing For the 'Ironman' Competition

Former speed skater Apolo Ohno joined HuffPost Live on Tuesday to discuss his motives for entering the "Ironman World Championship" and how he'll be preparing for it.

"As an athlete, you always reach for something in your sport," the eight-time Olympic Medalist told host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin. "And when you're done competing, you need to figure out what's next... you're still wired, innately, as an athlete."

Ohno explained that he will be training for the October 2014 triathlon extensively, and that fans will be able to watch his progress from "start to finish" on

"Anyone who's Googled 'Ironman,' you see people break down mentally and physically," he said. "You get to a certain point where your brain and your body say 'no' and you can't do anything more, so the preparation stage is critical."

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