Apoorva Mali, Seven-Year-Old Child Prodigy, Performs Magic Like A Pro (VIDEO)

Meet Apoorva Mali, a 7-year-old child prodigy from Mangalore, India. No, she doesn't play the cello or demonstrate an proclivity for abstract art. The girl is a bona fide magician.

Apoorva began studying her craft at two years old, managing to perform 400 magic shows by the age of seven, according to the Times of India. It may not come as a surprise to learn her parents are both magicians.

Tulunadu News reports that young Apoorva has been honored with the K Lal Memorial Trophy at the 2013 International Magic Festival, where she also nabbed a third place finish in the under 18 years old "conjuring" category.

Watch the video above from last year for a glimpse at what Apporva can do. At about 1:30 the little magician pulls a white dove out of thin air and at around 3:00 she demonstrates some impressive metal ring tricks. She might not be Houdini yet, but just watch how the tiny wunderkind manages to maintain her cool in an adorable gray magician's outfit.



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