The Surreal Apostle Islands Ice Caves May Only Be Visitable For Another Few Weeks

The sea caves near Wisconsin's Apostle Islands are always reachable in the summertime. During warm months, you can easily kayak or take a boat to these magical little inlets in Lake Superior. During winter though, when the lake freezes over, patchy ice and unstable surfaces usually make the caves too dangerous to get to.

But right now, for the first time in five years, the lake is frozen enough to allow a walk, snowshoe or ski out to the sea caves. They're positively dripping in icicles and bedazzled with sparkling snow. People are going wild.

To reach the sea caves, you'll start at the edge of Lake Superior and walk about a mile on the frozen lake. Conditions can change quickly when the ice melts, so call the Ice Line to make sure it's safe before you make the trek.

Hikers are rewarded with an adrenaline rush from walking on water and stunning photos of these rarely-seen caverns. They'll probably only be around for another six weeks or so-- get them while they're hot (er, cold)!

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