App My Life: How Notion Is Simplifying Home Security

Security is a vital part of our wellbeing.

Being able to provide a secure home for your family is something we all strive for, and while most home security systems do a great job of detecting things like motion, and open doors, Notion smart sensors monitor everything in your home and sends you the report through an app on your phone.


units contain a sensor for everything, from light, acceleration, orientation, temperature, proximity, natural frequency and even moisture.
  • Add a sensor anywhere you may need it.
  • The Notion bridge will then connect all of your sensors to your home Wi-Fi network.  Plug, Sync, and You're Set!
  • Download the IOS or Android App to stay connected at all times.

Why limit yourself to your doors and windows, Notions wide array of sensors mean you can use it to monitor anything, from garage doors, safes, water heaters, and more.

Understanding why Notion is Innovative:

Feel safe at home or away with a system that inspires me to app my life!

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