#App4Ham: The "Hamilton" College Application Essay Prompt We've Been Waiting For

#App4Ham: The "Hamilton" College Application Essay Prompt We've Been Waiting For
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We knew it was coming. The runaway hit musical, Hamilton has been popping up everywhere, from Colbert to Carpool Karaoke. Hillary even delivered a line from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s masterpiece at the Democratic National Convention. Now, Hamilton has officially infiltrated the college application process. Launch operation #App4Ham.

Brought to us by North Carolina’s Wake Forest University, whose supplement is available through the recently launched Common Application, the prompt is essentially a refreshed version of the what-prominent-person-in-history-would-you-most-want-to-have-dinner-with concept. The prompt itself reads:

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway musical Hamilton has become a cultural phenomenon. It weaves together history with rap and hip hop through the often overlooked story of Alexander Hamilton. Choose an unsung historical figure who deserves the “Hamilton” treatment. (75-150 words)

The prompt joins eight other short answer questions on Wake Forest’s 2016-17 supplement. Will this quirky query inspire students to write day and night like they’re running out of time? We’ll see if admissions officers are satisfied with the answers once acceptances are doled out for the Class of 2021. I know many teenagers who would give an arm and a leg (and maybe a pair of resale-price tickets to the hottest show on Broadway) to be in the room where that decision-making happens.

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