Apple AirPods Are 30% Off Right Now For Cyber Monday

Here’s where you can score Apple AirPods and Pros at a major discount, today only.

Thanksgiving is over. Black Friday is done. And yet the Cyber Monday deals are still raging on. If you’ve been looking for a sign to upgrade your static-y off-brand earbuds, it seems like every store in the world is offering sales on Apple AirPods and AirPods Pros right now. But don’t you worry — we rounded up the best Cyber Monday deals on these covetable listening devices.

From Walmart to Target to Amazon to Best Buy, here are the best places to score AirPods for less. Unlike cheaper rival brands, Apple AirPods magically connect to all your favorite devices and can seamlessly switch between your MacBook, phone and tablet when you’re working at home. Best of all, they use the same charger as your iPhone, so that’s one less wire to get tangled in knots.

They come with a compact carrying case that doubles as a portable charger, letting you continue to listen to your favorite songs and audiobooks as you run errands or commute to work. And they have a built-in microphone and are Siri-enabled so you can take calls and Google the weather without even pulling your phone out of your back pocket.

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Apple AirPods Pro (up to 20% off)
With active noise cancellation and transparency mode, these AirPods Pros will be your new best friend. Get totally absorbed in your music or a podcast or set it so you can still hear the train coming or the people gossiping behind you at the grocery store. They're water- and sweat-resistant so you can wear them in the rain or during a workout, and only take an hour to charge.

Promising reviews:

"I have the first pro but I’m like woww the cancellation on this pro true is amazing the sound listen to my music is on 10 and talking to friends and family. I highly recommend with it don’t miss the sale online." — Roxxy

"The noise cancellation on these are amazing!!!! I also have small ears so I am glad they have the different size tips!" — Stef G

"Very nice packaging, and very great headphones. Includes many features such as noise cancellation, and transparency. I recommend this to everyone!" — Abdur

"Great purchase. These work so much better with my iPhone than a previous set I used. Noise cancelling works great. People I talk to say they can hear me much better also. They’re worth the extra money." — KSMoose
Apple 2nd generation AirPods (31% off)
Classic for a reason, these second-generation AirPods automatically turn on and connect with all your smart devices. They're Siri-enabled with a built-in microphone, seamlessly switch between your laptop and phone and have over a 24-hour battery life with the charging case and five hours of direct play time. They use an Apple lightning cable, so it's likely the same charger as your iPhone or iPad, and the compact case is easy to carry to work, the gym or anywhere else.

Promising reviews:

"Airpods are the same everywhere. But what made these better was the price and quick delivery from Target! Customer service and price made everything better!" — Pickpatch05

"Best thing to get if you're constantly on the go and need to use your phone while having the ability to use both hands." — Regan

"It’s nice not to be connected by a wire. I like the small and compact of the AirPods." — Mona

"Excellent quality. Battery life is great. No learning curve to device" — LG

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