AirTags Are Secretly Back Down To Their Black Friday Price – But We Don’t Know For How Long

These little location-tracking wonders flew off the shelves — and two retailers still have a 20% discount.

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Have you ever lost something — luggage, your keys, a backpack — and thought, “Man, I can’t wait until a Jetsons-style future when I can immediately push a button to know where my belongings are, and track them with a small device until I find them again?”

Welcome to the here and now. Apple’s AirTags do exactly that, so it’s no wonder they were a top-selling item from Black Friday and Cyber Monday at HuffPost. And at Amazon and Walmart right now, you can still get a four-pack for the big weekend sale of 20% off. We have no idea how long these deals will be offered, so grab it while you can!

Here’s how they works: Each AirTag can ping its own location, so when you attach it to one of your belongings, you can track that item via Apple’s Find My app, which is available in the cloud and on Apple devices like iPhones, laptops and more. Through Find My, you can even tell your AirTag to play a sound so it’s easier to find.

AirTags are simple and easy to set up and track with your Apple devices (the key ring holder is not included, but there are many options).
AirTags are simple and easy to set up and track with your Apple devices (the key ring holder is not included, but there are many options).

Each one is completely encrypted for privacy, and even when it’s far away, it can anonymously and secretly use a network of Apple devices to send its location back to you. When you move away from an item like your keys, it can even send you a notice.

In addition to being water- and dust-resistant, AirTags have a wildly simple setup, and you can assign each one a name to keep your most valuable belongings sorted. After my car was stolen a few years ago and the thieves ripped out its GPS system, I bought one to keep in the spare tire in my trunk as a backup — and found it so useful I bought another to place in checked luggage (you never know where your bag might end up!). I haven’t lost my car in a crowded parking lot since.

AirTags have over 81,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, with an incredible 4.8-star rating. “The durability is outstanding,” wrote one reviewer, who added, “With their simple setup, tracking precision, durability, elegant design, and intelligent features, they are an investment worth every penny. If you’re an Apple user who values the security of your belongings, AirTags are an unbeatable choice. I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase and can’t recommend them enough.”

Join the hordes of others who are taking advantage of a rare Apple sale and grab an AirTag today — or a pack of four for the whole family or multiple valuable items. This Cyber Monday sale won’t last!

Want to know what else is still on sale this Cyber Week? Here are a few of our favorite ongoing deals:

A two-pack of reviewer-loved anti-aging retinol creams for body and hands (30% off)
If you've ever experienced the anti-aging benefits of retinol and wondered why you don't just slather it on your whole body, this is the formula for you. These large 16-ounce tubs of moisturizing cream with micro-encapsulated retinol can address age spots, sun damage, crepey skin and dry, itchy areas on the body and hands. I use this myself and snatch it up during sales, and love that it's moisturizing but not greasy (or scented).

Bottom line: The two-pack works out to $8.74 each with the 30%-off coupon, far lower than the current price of $14.48 each at Sam's Club.
A cult-favorite Owala FreeSip water bottle (up to 19% off)
After trying various famous-name water bottles over the last few years, I can say that the cupholder-fitting 24-ounce Owala FreeSip is superior and an absolutely perfect water bottle and now I can never be without it. Thanks to the unique spout design, you can both sip from the included straw and/or swig from the bottle without making adjustments or changing lids. And once you close the lid with its satisfying snapping sound, it is truly leakproof. One more lovable thing? The weirdly intriguing color combinations. Pick one out today while they're on sale. (Not all colors are on sale.)

Bottom line: Some color combinations are $5 off, just a wee bit more than they were on Black Friday.
A wildly popular Dyson V8 Absolute on mega sale (46% off list price)
This lightweight stick vac can do it all, from suctioning up dirt and debris from both carpets and hard floors to transforming into a hand-held vacuum with just the click of a button. (The V8 Absolute model comes with a second "Fluffy" cleaner head that is specialized to be gentle on hard floors.) Best of all, it's cordless, so you won't be encumbered or restricted with where you can use it (it's great for vacuuming cars and stairs, too). The filtration system captures allergens and dust so you don't just shoot dirty around your home as you clean. It comes with the multisurface main brush head as well as an interchangeable combination tool for smaller spaces, and runs for up to 40 minutes on a single charge — more than enough power for small homes and apartments.

Bottom line: $108 lower that its price on Amazon.
A 32-piece Chef's Path food storage set with locking lids (40% off list price)
If you take your food storage containers on the go, you know that sometimes even the most sturdy non-locking lids can pop off and cause leaks. These won't, according to reviewers who've awarded them 4.5 stars at Amazon, because they lock on four sides. This set is made of BPA-free plastic and is dishwasher-safe, and even comes with a set of reuseable labels and a marker.

Bottom line: Matches the lowest price of 2023.
A well-reviewed large-room air purifier with HEPA filter (46% off list price)
This large-room Aroeve air purifier, which has an average star rating of 4.6 out of five stars and tons of positive reviews, is currently on sale plus has a $20-off coupon. It's equipped with all of the vital requirements that make purifiers their most effective, like a true HEPA filter and air quality monitoring system, which it displays in real time in lights on the top. The brand says this machine can clean a space of up to 1,095 square feet, or a smaller space faster. Grab one in white or black.

Bottom line: With the additional $20-off coupon, it well beats its usual lightning deal price.
Some noise-canceling Beats Studio Buds in many colors (up to 33% off)
On sale in five cool colors, these Beats Studio Buds are compatible with both Apple and Android phones with simple one-touch pairing. With an IPX4 water-resistant rating, you won't even have to worry about sweat or rain. Choose between transparency and noise-cancelling modes so you can enjoy the best audio and calls. You'll get eight hours of listening time on a charge and up to 24 hours with additional charge from the case. Like Apple's AirPods Pro, they come with three tip options for the best fit.

Bottom line: They were $10 less over Black Friday weekend, but if you missed that deal, you're still saving $50!
A pack of Kasa smart plugs to make your life a thousand times easier (26% off list price)
My appreciation for Kasa's useful smart plug offerings knows no bounds — my entire apartment runs on them. Each one turns any regular old wall outlet into one you can set to turn on and off on a schedule or at your whim, without getting off the couch or even needing to be at home (they're especially great when you realize you left home without turning off an appliance, or when you want to make it look like someone's home while you're on vacation). All you have to do is plug one in, push a button to connect it to your WiFi, add it to the phone app, and live your life. In the more than two years I’ve been using these every day, I’ve never had an issue with dropped connections or an inability to find WiFi. And if you have an outlet or lamp switch that's hard to reach or stuck behind furniture, they're complete game-changers.

Bottom line: This sale is the second-lowest of the year for the four-pack, making it a great time to buy.
A Kasa smart plug power strip with USB ports (up to 50% off list price)
With the Kasa smart plug power strips, you can control each socket individually with your phone or voice. They also have ETL-certified surge protection, USB ports for powering up devices and charging phones, and a flat angled plug. Two sizes are on sale:
  • Three outlets with two USB ports
  • Six outlets with three USB ports and individual socket energy monitoring
Bottom line: Both are at their lowest list prices of 2023, beating previous lightning deals.
An outdoor smart plug that'll make your life (and holidays) so much easier (36% off list price)
Automate your holiday decorations, manage your landscape lighting or just make things easier around your home every day with this two-outlet outdoor smart plug from Kasa that's great for exterior lights and more. It's got two sockets, a weatherproof cover and IP64-level weather resistance. All you have to do is plug it in, connect it to your WiFi and control each socket independently by voice assistant or app (the latter of which you can do from anywhere). It's got a built-in amplifier for WiFi range and the Kasa app couldn't be easier to use. This outdoor smart plug has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.

Note: There's also a version that is compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Bottom line: Beats the summer Prime Day price.
A pair of mega-popular Beckham Hotel Collection pillows (40% off list price)
Boasting over 158,000 5-star ratings, these pillows are filled with a soft down alternative that helps them keep their plush shape, which makes them a great pick for back, stomach and side sleepers alike. Hot sleepers will especially appreciate the pillows’ cooling fiber and breathable cotton cover with a luxe 400-thread count. Reviewers are absolutely obsessed with these, with some writing they’ve been on a years-long hunt for the perfect pillow that led them to these. They come in queen and king.

Bottom line: These are discounted with a $40-off coupon to just under their usual sale price, so you can be sure it's a perfect time to buy.
A life-saving extra-powerful car jump starter that can also charge laptops (40% off list price)
Getting stranded with a dead battery is the worst, whether it's your car by the side of the road or your laptop when you're on your way to make a presentation. I own this 3,000-amp portable car jump starter that is only about the size of a flip-flop, but — unlike some 'chic' viral jump starters — it actually has enough power to start a fully dead battery on vehicles with gas engines up to 10 liters or diesel engines up to 8 liters. And unlike typical car power inverters, this actually has the wattage to charge a modern laptop like my MacBook, and a USB-C outlet to make it happen, among other ports. This is a very rare combo for portable jump starters, so it's worth snatching up. Best of all, it can hold a single charge for up to 24 months (I can attest), so it'll be there for you when you need it and much faster than AAA. It's got a 4.6 out of 5 star rating, which is darn good for something you'll be depending on in a pinch.

Bottom line: With the additional $10-off coupon, it's the lowest price all year.
An incredibly handy portable air compressor for your car tires (50% off list price)
I have a similar portable air compressor that I store in my trunk, and I cannot tell you how handy it is — does anyone ever have quarters for the probably-broken gas station air machine when they need them? This little guy simply plugs into your car's 12V outlet, then you can set the desired PSI on the digital screen and watch your tire inflate until it auto-shuts off when it reaches that level. It's that simple, and you'll never have to rely on finding a gas station air compressor again. The machine also comes with nozzle tips for bike tires, basketballs, and more, and has a built-in LED light so you can see what you're doing at night.

Bottom line: It's 38% off plus has an additional 20%-off coupon, beating some previous lightning deals.
An Anova vacuum sealer that comes with bags, too (29% off list price)
I bought this slim vacuum sealer a couple years ago and it is still saving me so much time and money. Because I can now vacuum-seal foods that would have otherwise gone bad or gotten freezer burn before I could eat them, I have much less food waste. It has a vacuum-and-seal button, a pulse vacuum button to use with liquids or soft items like fruit, and a seal-only button for making custom-sized bags or using the pulse function. And it’s just that easy and simple to use. I haven’t had any issues with leaking or non-airtight seals (Anova is a sous vide brand, so you know they’re serious about sealing). This comes with 10 pre-cut bags to get you started; my favorite replacement bags are listed here.

Bottom line: A few dollars less than its typical sale price, so it's a great time to buy.
A portable indoor Dreo space heater for your bedroom or office (20% off list price)
With December on the way, it's a good time to invest in making sure you're comfortable this winter, including that you stay toasty warm. This fast and compact ceramic heater has a safety sensor for better tip-over protection, an auto mode for which you can set a desired temp, an eco mode, a timer setting and a quiet operation that won't disturb your work, Netflix binging or sleep. Best of all, Dreo says it funnels heat so that the warm air reaches 200% farther than it does with traditional heaters. It also comes in white (and silver at Walmart.)

"Even though it's small, it heats a large room," wrote one reviewer who called this the "first heater ever that got everything right."

Bottom line: As low as it's been on sale all year, so a good time to grab one.
A self-emptying and mopping Rooma i5+ Combo to do it all for you (38% off list price)
This Roomba model has he modern bells and whistles to get your home spic and span in the most effort-free way possible: You can switch the bin to turn it into a mop, it self-empties into its dock for up to 60 days so you don’t even have to think about regular maintenance, and it can learn your home with Imprint Smart Mapping so it navigates for more efficient and organized cleaning. You can also schedule it to vacuum certain areas at certain times without even needing to move from your couch.

Bottom line: As low as we see it; it's typically $150-$200 higher.
A self-emptying Roborock Q5+ robot vac (43% off list price)
Normally when you go seven weeks without thinking about your vacuum, it's a very bad sign. With this vacuum, it just means you've made your life easier. Roborock says this self-emptying vacuum can go up to seven weeks before you need to bin the contents of its 2.5-liter dust bag. It's also got 2700Pa max suction, a battery that can clean up to 180 minutes on a single charge, and connectivity that allows it to map your home via LIDAR and then schedule cleanings, order it to spot-clean specific spills or areas, or send it out to do a certain room. The brush is designed to be closer to the ground to dig up even more dirt than other models, and it can navigate like a pro.

Bottom line: The lowest price of the year, same as its two previous Prime Day sale prices. Click the $300-off coupon to get the price.
A dependable Frigidaire chest freezer for as low as $147 (up to 50% off list price)
There are three sizes of Frigidaire chest freezers on deep discount at Walmart for Cyber Monday. Each one has a removable interior basket so you don't have to go digging around in the chill for smaller items or things you want to access quickly, plus external temperature controls, a power light indicator so you know it's cooling away as it should, a defrost drain, and a smooth surface designed to be easy to wipe clean. You'll love having one for bulk shopping overflow, prepping for special occasions and stashing frozen treats you want to be easily accessible.

Bottom line: As cheap as they were during Walmart+ Week, a big July sale created to rival Amazon Prime Day.
A splurge-worthy GE Opal nugget ice maker (40% off list price)
It's still a splurge, obviously, but this is THE original famous countertop nugget ice maker at a wildly low price and it will bring you absolute delight every day you drink anything cold. The GE Profile Opal starts producing little round pebbles of ice — truly, the "good ice" — just 20 minutes after you plug it in and fill the water reservoir. Bluetooth connectivity means you can even schedule fresh ice to order in the app. I bought one at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 and it is still a joy and going strong. You won't regret the purchase.

(I'm not personally familiar with this look-alike Frigidaire model, but it looks promising for $248.)

Bottom line: The lowest I've ever, ever seen it.
The magical nail concealer that can slash your mani-pedi budget (up to 40% off list price)
We are absolutely obsessed with Londontown's Kur illuminating nail concealer, a milky veil that comes in four colors, each designed to make nails look like healthier versions of their natural selves. The buildable formula contains optical brighteners to cover up imperfections like discoloration and leave nails glowing. You'll be able to stretch time in between salons visits, if not skip them altogether! “One coat gives you that ‘is she wearing nail polish, or does she just have flawless doll nails?’ look,” said one HuffPost editor. Only the quartz color is on sale at Amazon.

Bottom line: All colors are on sale at Londontown with the code JOY25, the color quartz is the only color on sale at Amazon right now.
The Youthfull Lip Replenisher I can't stop raving about (20% off)
I've written about this peptide-filled lip treatment from Revision Skincare before, but now it's on rare sale so I'm going to do it again: It's one of the most effective skin care products I've used. For chapped, sun-damaged, dry or fine-line-growing lips, you can just put it on before bed and wake up to a visible difference. It's very thick, so it lasts forever, but it's still a high-end price point for lip care so I'm snatching up another tube while it's on sale.

Bottom line: Only the second time it's been on sale at Amazon since last holiday season; never lower.
A surprisingly useful rechargeable electric arc lighter (20% off list price)
Whether you need to light a gas stove, a campfire or the many candles around your home, this funny-looking USB-rechargeable lighter will come in wildly handy. With the flexible, bendy neck, it's easy to get the lighter down into candle jars, through grill grates and more. Plus, it's got an LED power indicator and multiple safety functions that make it worry-free to use. I bought mine in August, light candles regularly, and still haven't needed to recharge it. It lights right up with the push of a button every time.

Bottom line: It's often on sale, but this is as low as it gets.
A top-notch Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth portable speaker (20% off list price)
I do love a portable speaker, but let's be honest: Some of them aren't that great-sounding. After buying Bose headphones and experiencing the audio quality, I'm eyeing this waterproof Bose portable speaker that has a very high 4.8-star rating on Amazon and comes in some very chic colors (Walmart offers a red one, in addition to the others). There are a few key things that stand out to me: It can automatically sense its position (hanging, flat, upside down) and adjust for optimal and natural-sounding audio, it is waterproof enough to actually float, it has a built-in microphone so you can take calls when necessary, and reviewers say it has great connectivity and clear, powerful sound.

Bottom line: Matches Amazon's previous lowest price, a Prime Day sale.
A reviewer-loved Bose SoundLink Micro portable Bluetooth speaker with mic (17% off list price)
Here's the thing: Have you ever even heard of a portable Bluetooth speaker with as perfect a rating as 4.8 out of 5 stars from nearly 30,000 reviewers? I'm a little bit blown away, to be honest. But it tracks: Bose is known for its clear, stellar audio, and this little wonder is waterproof, durable, handsome and has a tear-resistant strap that can go on bikes or backpacks. Reviewers say they love the quality of sound and surprisingly deep base for such a compact speaker. The rubberized silicone exterior and its soft-touch feel resist damage, fingerprints and dirt so it'll keep looking as good as it sounds. It comes in black, blue and white, and with a mic so you can even take calls while you're out and about with your tunes.

Bottom line: Not quite as low as it was on Prime Day, but savings are savings.
A 38-piece set of Rubbermaid Easy Find food storage containers (up to 68% off list price)
Available in red and teal, these Easy Find containers from Rubbermaid will solve your food storage and meal prep needs — and because they nest and the lids snap together, they'll solve your messy cabinet and small-space storage problems, too. Two lids are vented to prevent splatter in the microwave, and the BPA-free containers are safe for the dishwasher, freezer and microwave.

Bottom line: Do we even need to tell you it doesn't get better than $9?
The Bissell Little Green carpet cleaner (up to 37% off list price)
This may just be one of the most beloved cleaning tools we share with readers, and Amazon reviewers have given it 4.6 stars in gratitude. It gets stains out of carpet and rugs with a spray-and-scrub brush that also vacuums up the dirty water into the dirty water tank. It also comes with a free bottle of stain-removing solution you can mix into the clean water tank.

(Note: The Walmart sale is on a black color that's exclusive to the big box retailer, but both the Amazon and Walmart models come with a three-inch tough stain tool and a bottle of Bissell's Spot and Stain remover with Febreze, and work the same.)
A four-pack of useful AirTags that'll save you in a pinch (20% off list price)
Drop one in your luggage, your purse or your car, or attach it to your keys or bicycle or whatever you may need to find again later — these Apple AirTags will erase your worries by tracking the location of your items in Apple's Find My app. You can even tell one to play a sound so it's easier to find your things. Each one is completely encrypted for privacy and when it's far away, it can anonymously use a network of Apple devices to ping you its location. In addition to being water- and dust-resistant, it instantly connects with your network and you can assign each one a name to keep your most valuable belongings sorted.They're great in checked luggage — you never know where your bag might end up!

Bottom line: Matches their Black Friday and Cyber Monday pricing.
A powerful compact Ninja blender our food editor loves even more than her Vitamix (33% off list price)
After my colleague Kristen Aiken — a culinary school grad and food editor, among other things — raved about her Ninja Foodi smoothie maker blender, I had to try it for myself. Guess what? It truly is fantastic. It has a much more compact footprint than my Vitamix, which is equally powerful but something I dread dragging out of my cabinet. This I can leave on my countertop, the blending jars are dishwasher-safe, and it blends everything I've ever asked it to within seconds (you don't have to just use it for smoothies, despite the name).

Bottom line: Matches Amazon's second-lowest price of the year (the lowest not seen since last winter) so it's a good time to buy! It sold out at Amazon by Saturday, but is still available elsewhere.
A much-loved portable Solo Stove smokeless fire pit with stand (30% off list price)
Have a toastier winter wherever you go with this bundle that includes Solo Stove's Ranger 2.0 smokeless fire pit and a matching stand. With a 15-inch diameter — just the right size for both the backyard and for portability to campsites and friends' homes — this upgraded version has a removable base plate and ash tray for super easy cleaning. The design allows an airflow pattern that minimizes smoke so you won't smell like a campfire. Best of all, you can use firewood or small logs, and the stand means you can use it on even more surfaces without worrying about heat damage.

Bottom line: Considerably cheaper than Solo Stove's own Cyber Monday sale.
The TikTok-famous vacuum-mop buyers can't stop raving about (25% off list price)
A horrifying amount of dirt came up off my floor (you can see a photo here) when I first used my Tineco iFloor 3 Breeze Complete vacuum-mop, a genius cleaning machine for hard floors that is constantly going viral on TikTok. People cannot get enough of this cordless, lightweight and self-propelling mop that vacuums up dirt and the dirty water from the mopping process. What you then see collecting in its dirty water tank might leave you wondering how you lived without one. (Seriously.)

Bottom line: It's about $14 more than it was on Cyber Monday itself, but you're still saving $70 when you click the $70-off coupon to get this price — equally its October Prime Day sale.
Under Armor women's Fly By 2.0 run shorts (60% off list price)
Available in dozens of colors in a lightweight moisture-wicking fabric, these might just become your favorite new workout shorts. They have a soft-knit waistband, breathable mesh panels to shed heat and a built-in brief for comfort. The shaped hem makes them extra-stylish.

Bottom line: This is the second-lowest sale price of the year, so it's a great deal.
A heated mattress pad that'll keep you warm all winter (20% off list price)
If you're already dreading the constant chill of a heavy winter, grab one of these heated mattress pads from Bedsure while they're on sale. It comes as small as a twin, but for sizes full-king, you can adjust the heat level of each half of the mattress pad individually to accommodate different preferences. Just like a regular mattress pad, these are quilted and machine-washable, and Bedsure says the coral fleece material is "luxuriously soft." There's also built-in overheating protection and a 10-hour auto-shutoff. Can you imagine how wonderful it will be to turn yours on before you crawl into bed this winter? Grab it in twin-king sizes.

(You should also check out the Sealy 3M Scotchguard headed mattress pad, which is a little more expensive but offers shorter-interval auto-shutoff.)

Bottom line: Although frequently on sale, it doesn't get lower than this, according to the price tracker we use, making it a good time to buy.
A highly rated period panty made with bamboo rayon (56% off list price)
This affordable pair of period underwear by Bambody has over 10,700 five-star ratings and is made with ultra-soft and breathable bamboo fabric. The naturally cooling properties of bamboo rayon help wick away moisture quickly while the wide, full-coverage gusset offers absorption protection from the entire front to back. This pair can absorb up to two tampons' worth of liquid and comes in a variety of packs and styles. The company recommends ordering a size up.

Bottom line: Their typical lightning deal price, so a solid buy.
A dishwasher-safe 8-piece pots and pans set from Calphalon (50% off list price)
This set of stainless steel pots and pans has everything you need: tri-ply construction for even heating, glass lids, stay-cool handles and completely practical sizes. It contains 8-inch and 10-inch fry pans, a 2.5-quart saucepan with cover, a 5-quart saute pan with glass lid and 6-quart stock pot with glass lid. Each piece is compatible with all stovetop types and the pots and pans are oven-safe to 450 degrees. Best of all, it's all dishwasher-safe.

Bottom line: It's typically about $300 when offered on sale, so although it was lower on Black Friday, you're still saving $75 off the regular sale price.
A gorgeous Cuisinart cookset with a gleaming mirror finish (28% off list price)
This 11-piece Chef's Classic cookware set from Cuisinart is constructed with aluminum encapsulated bases and stainless steel that won't react with food or discolor. Measurement markings make cooking easy, and cleanup is simple, too: the set is dishwater-safe. Glass lids and riveted stay-cool handles made each piece feel luxurious.

Bottom line: Amazon hasn't priced this set any lower all year, so you can be sure it's a great time to buy.
A bidet attachment with a feminine wash option, too (17% off)
This bidet simply attaches to your existing toilet in minutes. It's got two nozzles: one for a traditional bum wash and one for an undercarriage "feminine wash" that anyone who menstruates will especially appreciate. Either choice also activates the self-wash function before and after, so the nozzles are always clean for next time. I bought and installed this myself, and it really couldn't have been simpler (once I watched a YouTube video on how to remove a toilet seat, anyway. There's a first time for everything). That it reminds me of driving a stick shift every time I use it is a fun bonus. It may not be as fancy as a $400 bidet toilet seat, but it feels like it'll last, and not all affordable bidet attachments offer as many features.

Bottom line: There's a $5-off coupon to click to get the low price. Not as low as it was this weekend, but it's a decent option for less than $25.
A pair of legendary Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II (29% of list price)
These second-generation QuietComfort II buds are fitted with Bose’s notable high-fidelity audio that promises crisp notes and rich bass and remains balanced and clear no matter what volume you set. Their proprietary noise-cancelling technology smartly personalizes the level of noise dampening to your own ears and includes a true quiet mode that silences noisy surroundings for an immersive listening experience. These have up to 24 hours of battery life with the sleek charging case, and come with three size options for ear tips as well as stability bands made from soft silicone for ultimate all-day wearable comfort. Grab them in black or soapstone.

Bottom line: The lowest price at Amazon all year, beating July Prime Day by $50.
A super-beloved 5.5-quarter bowl-lift KitchenAid mixer (33% off list price)
Every time we feature a KitchenAid mixer sale at Target, the mixers sell out before the sale is meant to be over — and I don't know how this one is still around, because this is a great deal on a bowl-lift mixer from the most trusted brand in the mixer game. The 5.5-quart size is perfect for home use, and it comes with a dough hook, whisk and flat beater, plus all the power and control tilt-head KitchenAid mixers are famous for. Grab it in silver, matte black, red and "ice," a turquoise color.

Bottom line: Even at Sam's Club, this mixer is currently $379.98.
Or a KitchenAid Classic series 4.5-quart tilt-head mixer (27% off list price)
This slightly more petite mixer will be a gorgeous addition to any kitchen and a helpful baking and mealtime workhorse. Simply lift the head to add ingredients, lock it to mix, and toss the bowl in the dishwasher when you're done. The durable classic metal construction can withstand any number of kitchen disasters and the 10 speeds are made for all chores. It comes in white or black with a wire whisk, coated dough hook and coated flat beater.

Bottom line: Just a few dollars off Amazon's lowest price of the year.
A DeWalt 20V cordless drill driver with a rechargeable battery (38% off list price)
This drill kit has a 4.8-star rating at Amazon from almost 7,000 customers, and I would find that high number almost shocking to see for any item — except that I own a very similar DeWalt drill and it is very, very good. This drill is great for home projects: It's compact and lightweight to better fit into tight corners, but has tons of power and a durable brushless motor. It also has an LED light so when you're working in a dark or tight space (or building Ikea furniture), it'll be easy to see what you're doing. Bonus: The battery is interchangeable with many other 20V DeWalt tools.

Bottom line: Matches a previous sale price that was lowest of the year.
A cool and unobtrusive privacy-forward Echo Dot (55% off)
If you're interested in using smart home devices but don't want to set up some elaborate network or violate your own privacy, this is your moment. The new Alexa-enabling Echo Pop smart speaker is compact enough to blend into a space, but gives you all the power to set up Alexa in your home and voice-control compatible electronics and perform tasks like setting alarms, making lists and playing music. And to absolutely ensure privacy, just hit the “mic off” button right on top for as long as you want. It comes in four chic colors and is made from recycled materials.

Bottom line: Equals its July Prime Day price!
Some cozy Baleaf women's fleece-lined leggings (up to 40% off)
What's about the only thing that could make fleece-lined leggings a better option for fall and winter? Adding pockets to fleece-lined leggings. These cozy thermal leggings from Baleaf will keep you toasty with the soft interior fleece lining, but stay breathable and moisture-wicking so you'll be comfortable no matter what you undertake in them (Baleaf says they're great even below 40 degrees). The wide high waistband also provides a bit of tummy control, and reviewers say the side pockets in the three-pocket style keep their phones snug — and confirm that these are comfortable, cozy and warm, even when working outside in winter. Not all colors are on sale.
A variable speed KitchenAid hand blender just in time for soup season (25% off list price)
I'm always shocked to see what immersion blenders cost — in my mind, because they're one of the more petite kitchen appliances, I imagine they're like $25 instead of, you know, up to $200. My takeway is that if you could use one, it's best to grab it during a big sale event like this. This KitchenAid model will do the work well without hurting your checking account: It's got adjustable speed control, a removable blade for better cleaning and a pan guard to protect your cookware and bowls, and it comes with a blending cup you can use for prep and serving. Available in 12 cool colors and finishes, it'll be great for soups, purees, smoothies, dips and more all year. Reviewers give it 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Bottom line: Matches the lowest Amazon price of the year.
A Dyson V12 Detect Slim vacuum that lights up dirt you might otherwise miss (23% off list price)
Dyson's cordless stick vacs were already among the best, but then they went and added illumination that reveals dust on floors, even in broad daylight. This V12 Detect Slim model also optimizes its suction power based on the debris level it senses and has an LCD screen that displays battery power, maintenance alerts and power modes. Like other Dysons, it converts to a small handheld vacuum and comes with other tools and attachments, in this case including a second cleaner head, a hair screw tool, crevice tool, combo tool and more. You'll love the anti-tangle roller heads for both carpets and hard floors and the "point and shoot" dustbin emptying feature that keeps your hands clean.

Bottom line: The cheapest we see around the internet for this model right now!

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