Apple Calls Amazon Appstore 'Inferior'

Apple's back to insulting the competition.

The company is currently suing Amazon, which has opened an Android-only Appstore on its site.

While Apple wishes to protect the use of the term "app store," Amazon has countered by saying the phrase is generic. Now, in a response to that filing, Apple is fighting back.

First, Apple claims that letting Amazon use the term will hurt Apple's brand--because Amazon's store is "inferior," Computer World reports.

"Amazon mischaracterizes Apple's tarnishment claim," Apple wrote in its filing (PDF). "Apple has not asserted that the Android operating system is inferior. Rather, Apple has asserted that Amazon's service is inferior and will tarnish Apple's mark."

One major issue Apple takes with Amazon's store is that Android apps carry higher security risks than those in the iTunes store. Amazon also offers apps for "rooted" Android phones, which Apple calls "the equivalent of a 'jailbroken' Apple device."

"Malicious applications have greater ability to cause harm on 'rooted' Android devices, and Amazon provides applications for such devices," Apple wrote.

But the fight over the term "app store" involves more players than just Amazon. Apple is also contending with Microsoft, which is trying to prevent Apple from trademarking the phrase.