Apple Announcement LIVE VIDEO: Streaming Updates From 2010 Apple Event (VIDEO)

UPDATED 1/28/2010 8:00 AM ET: Check out iPad Tablet video on the Huffington Post here, where you can see the official Apple demo, hands on demonstrations, reviews, and more.

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Those interested in watching the Apple announcement live will be disappointed to know that Apple is apparently not a fan of live streaming.

That being said, HuffPost Tech is keeping our eyes open for a live video feed from the event itself, and will post one if we see it. If you come across one, email it to us at

For now, those interested can get an Apple announcement live video fix below, as Leo Laporte is providing live coverage of the event, including pictures and live audio.

You may also be interested in following the event live via our Twitter page, this live blog, or The Apple Blog's live coverage.

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