Apple App Store Accounts Get Hacked

July 6, 2010 - Today's most interesting stories in technology, media and entertainment:

Apple App Store Accounts Get Hacked: It looks like one or more hackers broke into an unknown number of Apple accounts and purchased hundreds of applications in the Apple App Store. Want to protect yourself, make sure you have and use a strong password. If you need help making one check out my password tips.

USB Devices Can Be Dangerous: A study by the Royal Military College of Canada notes that any USB connected device can be used to steal data from your computer because most people don't lock down their plug n play port. The counter-hack? Learn to lock down your plug n play port and, for added security, find a nice old fish bowl in your house to use as a USB graveyard.

LG & Samsung Announce Android-Based Tablets: LG and Samsung both confirmed they will have new Android-based tablets by the end of the year. The new tablets are expected to come equipped with Android 3.0, which may be tailored to tablet computers rather than smart phones.

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