Apple + Beats = Embarrassing!

Like the scruffy homeless guy wielding his cardboard sign exclaiming "The End Is Near", I am embarrassed to watch as Apple Computer sank to a new low, buying someone else's stuff.


Whether or not you are an Apple fan (I am neither an Apple fan or an Apple consumer, but I AM an Apple admirer), it is by now evident that all rumors of Apple losing it's Mojo when Steve passed away are becoming reality. Apple WAS the predominant creative tech company -- period. Steve's vision of a creative, innovation company who employed as many industrial designers as it did software engineers, has withered away. Apple is no more an innovation company than [insert random technology company name here].

Apple went the extra mile, and it did it in style. Coming up with cool, beautiful, creative products that opened people's eyes to elegant use of technology, was such a diversion from beige boxes that even grandmas and school teachers took note. Making technology friendly and more consumer-like was a moniker of Apple. From mp3 players to laptops to cellphones, they opened doors and challenged the status quo.

But alas, the Apple that we all knew and admired is but a memory -- old, 184 pin PC2700 memory... yeah that old.

Has Tim and company thrown in the tech towel? I just can't believe that in the middle of Silicon Valley, Apple can't find a creative visionary to save it's own life? Apple is surrounded by techno geeks, inventors, ID firms and innovators. Yet the once dominate creativity giant turned to a rap artist and a music producer for product help. That's like McDonalds putting Whoppers on it's menu, or GM having Toyota Prius' in their showroom. A travesty.

I am personally embarrassed for Apple. They do a dis-service to themselves, and to all of the Apple faithful who have supported the company all these years. Once Steve was gone, so was the magic. Nothing "new" comes out of Apple's doors anymore, only software updates and now re-branded bass-heavy ear buds.

If Apple continues its downward spiral, we will be witnessing the slow passing of a tech giant -- which makes me wonder if that guy with the cardboard sign will eventually be Tim himself.