What If Apple Designed Cars? HuffPost Photoshop Contest (PHOTOS)

UPDATED 1/8/210 12:58PM: Check out the slideshow below for amazing Apple concept cars submitted by HuffPost readers--then send us yours!

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Earlier this month, Bono wrote an op-ed in the New York Times calling on U.S. automakers to bring in Apple's lead designer to help create a new line of cars, and bring about the return of the auto as "sexual object":

That's why the Obama administration -- while it still holds the keys to the big automakers -- ought to put some style fascists into the mix: the genius of Marc Newson ... Steve Jobs and Jonny Ive from Apple ... Frank Gehry, the architect, and Jeff Koons, the artist.

So what would an Apple car look like? And what would it be called? Click below to send us your photoshop creation, we'll post them as we get them! Show us what you've got!

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