How To Drink Craft Apple Cider With Everything

The simple and crisp drink pairs perfectly with a cheese plate. And alcohol.

Pumpkin spice isn't the only flavor that signifies the start of the fall. Apple cider equally supports the season's unofficial curtain-raising.

Sweet, tart apple cider -- served either hot or chilled -- has a distinctive, simplistic crispness that tastes wonderful on its own, in a cocktail and alongside a cheese plate. The craft variety is different than the commercial stuff in a couple of ways: Craft cider tends to be made from apples cultivated specifically for the drink, and it usually contains fewer additives (like sugar).

Plus, it has a fancy ring to it and makes drinks and savory dishes instantly more upscale. Check out the infographic below for more information and a couple of tips for getting crafty (heh) with the apple-y goodness. Cheers!

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