Apple Demo Fails: The Most Awkward On-Stage Moments From The Company's Past Events (VIDEO)

Apple CEO Tim Cook on September 12 is expected to unveil the company's latest iPhone, in addition to a few more products. Buzz around the event has reached a fever pitch, and thousands will be tuning in to see what's in store.

Let's hope the announcements go better than some of Apple's past events, which at times have been plagued by WiFi connection troubles, remote control glitches and, most embarrassingly, bugs in the Apple products being shown off. Even more awkward: Most of these fails occurred while then-CEO Steve Jobs stood before a packed auditorium of journalists and touted the ease of use and simplicity of his company's latest; during the live errors, he'd stand befuddled for a moment before inevitably muttering something like "What is going on here?" into his mic. We can only imagine the horror on the faces of the backstage staffers who knew they'd be chewed out afterword.

Check out our compilation (above), featuring some of the most cringe-worthy moments from Apple presentations of yore.

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