Apple Unveils Final Cut Pro X


At the National Association of Broadcasters conference in Las Vegas, Apple previewed a beefed-up version of the popular Final Cut Pro film and video editing app.

Final Cut Pro X, as this update is called, will feature 64-bit support for enhanced performance, as well as a redesigned user interface.

Ars Technica details more of what users can expect from this new version of Final Cut Pro:

In particular, the rewritten app takes full advantage of underlying Mac OS X technologies introduced in Snow Leopard, including OpenCL, GCD, Quicktime X, and Core Animation, to deliver background rendering. "The render dialogue is gone!" said Steinauer during the preview, noting that editors no longer have to wait for certain edits and effects to render before continuing—a major workflow improvement

Final Cut Pro X will be available in June at the Mac App Store for $299. Curious buyers should note, however, that the software exists as an add-on to the $999 Final Cut Studio editing suite.

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