Apple May Drop Google Maps For An App Of Its Own (VIDEO)

Is iMaps On Its Way?

Apple and Google have developed a friendly rivalry over the past few years, but things are quickly heating up as Apple prepares for its Worldwide Developer's Conference on June 11 where the company is expected to debut its iOS Maps app.

The two tech giants once played nice, when Apple integrated the Google Maps app in its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. But recently, Apple has been phasing Google Maps out -- likely in anticipation of the debut of its rumored maps app.

Apple-centric blog 9to5Mac reported the rumors of Apple's expected switch to its own navigation system earlier this month, citing trusted sources. The Apple app is expected to feature 3D similar to the widely used Google Street View.

However, Google has some own news of its own; the company will reveal what's in store for the next dimension of Google Maps later this week on June 6.

Apple's move away from Google has been a long time coming. Apple first began running the Google Maps software on iOS in 2007, but began purchasing mapping and navigation companies in 2009, starting with Placebase. In 2010, Apple bought mapping company Poly9 and, most recently, it acquired 3D mapping company C3 Technologies.

Check out the video above for a quick recap of the Apple-Google maps controversy.

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