Apple iOS 5 Twitter Integration Announced At WWDC 2011

Apple Brings Twitter Integration To Your iPhone

Apple announced that its new iOS 5 software for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices will include Twitter integration.

iOS users with a Twitter account now have a single sign-on option that lets users save their Twitter credentials onto their iDevice for faster, easier tweeting.

Photos and video taken from a device running iOS 5 can now be sent directly to Twitter.

"This feature comes up as a little pop up menu of sorts that lets you fire off the Tweet from wherever," writes CNET. "[This feature] also works from YouTube, Safari, Maps."

The user's saved sign-in details let the user Tweet media and links right from these non-Twitter apps--without having to sign in to Twitter first.

Devices running iOS 5 will now pull data from Twitter, too. Engadget explains, "You can also use Twitter to automatically update contacts if they have Twitter handles."

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