Apple iPad 2 'If You Asked' Ad Inspires, Pulls Heartstrings

Break out the tissues. Apple's back with another weepy and inspiring iPad 2 ad guaranteed to put a lump your throat. Building on the "We Believe" spot from earlier this month, the "If You Ask" ad recruits actor Peter Coyote again for the narration. There's nary a swipe, tap or human hand in sight this time; the iPad shows its chops alone in the home, music studio, hospital, office, classroom and bedroom.

Here's Coyote's gravelly voiceover:

If you ask a parent, they might call it intuitive. If you ask a musician, they might call it inspiring. To a doctor, it's groundbreaking. To a CEO, it's powerful. To a teacher, it's the future. If you ask a child, she might call it magic. And if you asked us, we'd say it's just getting started.


Of course it's magic, but then again, so was Apple's Newton in the '90s. Is it so much to ask for a dose of humor or fun?