Apple iPad vs. BlackBerry PlayBook: See Which Is Faster (VIDEO)

*Scroll down for video.*

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) just made a compelling case for the soon-to-be-released PlayBook tablet.

At the risk of overloading on the phrase "iPad killer," consider this speed test, in which RIM pits the Blackberry PlayBook against the Apple iPad.

In the video below, a RIM employee claims to have cleared the cache and cookies on both devices and to have connected both tablets to the same wireless network. He tests their rendering speeds by simultaneously loading the same site on both units.

The results are striking.

The PlayBook appears to render Web pages faster than the iPad--much faster. In addition, pages featuring Flash content looks more attractive on the PlayBook, thanks to the device's native Flash support.

Business Insider was so impressed with the PlayBook's results that it suggested RIM turn the video into an advertisement.

Watch the speed test for yourself and tell us what you think about RIM's potential "iPad Killer." Then, view our guide to the Blackberry Tablet's 10 essential features.